Street Food Festival in Frankfurt an der Oder

Street Food Festival in Frankfurt an der Oder

a Dishes from all over the world!

A cloud of scented mixture of roasted meat, fried delicacies and sweet temptations will be available from 10th to 12th of September on the Brunnenplatz in Frankfurt (Oder).

The Street Food Festival takes visitors on a culinary journey across many countries and continents. Traditional dishes from around the world can be tried with family or friends.

All of this will be combined with an exclusive selection of the hottest craft beer* varieties. No matter whether small breweries from the region or exotic international variations.

There is a large children's area with fun and games as well as a wide variety of ice cream variations.

Frankfurt an der Oder

Frankfurt an der Oder

Frankfurt (Oder), also called Frankfurt on the Oder, is an independent city located on the western bank of the Oder River in eastern Brandenburg.
The Oder River forms the eastern city boundary and also the German state border with Poland. On the other bank of the river is Słubice, which emerged from the former Frankfurt district of Dammvorstadt.

The city is situated in the Brandenburg floodplain, forest and lake landscape at 22-56 m above sea level; the city center is at about 27 m above sea level. The highest elevation is the Hirschberge at 135 m above sea level. Lake Helene, which covers 250 hectares and is 56.63 m deep, lies in the midst of pine forests in the Mark Brandenburg and is a popular recreational area. Because of its interesting bottom, this lake is very popular with divers. Lake Helene originated from a former open-cast brown coal mine, the so-called Helene shaft. Adjacent to it was the Katja shaft. Both shafts were flooded in the 1960s and are now connected by a canal.

Since 1999, Frankfurt has had the additional designation "Kleiststadt" after its most famous son, Heinrich von Kleist. With the reestablishment of the European University Viadrina in 1991, Frankfurt (Oder) is once again a university city.

The people of Frankfurt (Oder) find recreation in the Wildpark Frankfurt (Oder), at the Helenesee or one of the other lakes in the city and the surrounding area, in the parks of the city, in the city forests or in the Eichwald.

Frankfurt (Oder) has about 30 decorative fountains, of which about 20 are preserved. The largest fountain was the fountain on the Brunnenplatz, which was popularly called "Panzersperre". The most famous fountains are the Comic Fountain on the Fountain Square (2000), the Seven Ravens Fountain next to the Town Hall (2003) and the Alinen Fountain on the Abbey Square (1887).

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