Jels Vikingpageant

Jels Vikingpageant

Burning romance, formidable fencing battles and colorful scenes performed by hundreds of voluntary players create a unique experience at Jels Vikingpageant (Vikingespillet in Jels) every summer.

The high trees around the open-air scene and Jels Nedersø – one of the three lakes – in the background forms a very special stage for the play that has taken place since 1976. The plays are based on Scandinavian history and presented with modern effects. Vikingespillet is also for children.

All actors and stage technicians are amateurs spending their spare time practicing the play of the year. The staff of professionals is there to teach and guide the participants.

Before the performance, you can enjoy a special Vikingebuffet in Valhal: built as a longhouse from the Viking age.

At the entrance to the annual Viking pageant, Jels Vikingspil, you find Skjoldboden, a store selling Viking inspired toys, handicrafts, ceramics, clothing and Jels Vikingespil merchandise.

Jels Nedersø – one of the three lakes

Jels Nedersø – one of the three lakes

By the small town of Jels you can find 3 beautiful lakes: Nedersøen (Lower Lake), Midtsøen (Middle Lake) and Oversøen (Upper Lake). These 3 lakes were created by the massive headwaters of the Iceage. Today the lakes cover a total of 78 acres. Surrounding the shining lakes are deep and idyllic forests.

Today the Jels lakes is a lovely recreational area for water dogs as well as land crabs. Nedersø and Midtsø are surrounded by nice foot paths. The National Forest and Nature Agency has good marked routes in the area, where the forest reaches the lake shore. Around Nedersøen, a 5 km running path is marked and from the area behind the open-air stage and along Nedersøden, you find the Sundhedssporet (health track) in Jels. The entire forest area is thought to be remains of the large Farris Skov (Farris Forest) which covered the area from Lillebælt to Ribe in ancient times – a forest area which was dangerous to be in. At Jels Søbad (lake resort) you can go for a fresh swim in the lake.

Here the anglers find the most ideal areas for fishing, whether they are on a short visit or on a stay at the local motel, campsite or rental homes nearby.

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