King's Day in Netherlands - Koningsdag 2025

The event takes place at

27 April 2025

Amsterdam King's Day Celebration

King's Day also known as Queen's Day takes place every year on April 27th. It is one of the biggest and most colourful celebrations in the Netherlands. The holiday is hosted in Amsterdam and is an "orange" celebration held to celebrate the King Birthday of King Willem-Alexander's birthday on April 27th. The activities at this event are suitable for the whole family. Many people combine a short trip to Amsterdam with this event.

The city in orange

The Dutch celebrate the birthday of their monarch with this event. A day filled with music and festivities in the streets of Amsterdam. Well, not only in the streets, of course, the canals of the city are also popular spots for celebrations. If you want to participate in King's Day, you should wear at least one piece of clothing in orange colour to honour the hosts. Why orange? This is the colour of the Dutch royal family. You can imagine that all of Amsterdam shines in orange on Koningsdag.

How to celebrate King's Day in Amsterdam?

Numerous live bands and DJs provide musical entertainment. Especially popular on this day are the streets and squares in the centre of Amsterdam. Especially popular spots are Rembrandtplein, Westerstraat and Dam Square.

The events on Koningsdag in Amsterdam are usually free of charge. Participation is also quite simple. Just be in the city centre of Amsterdam. Experience King's Day also from the boat. In the middle of the hustle and bustle and you will figure out the best activities for you.

The open air market

The open air market

Traditionally, flea markets are held on Koningsdag. Here they are called Vrijmarkt or Freimarkt. You can find flea markets all over the city. The Dutch and their guests sell their own goods and regional specialities. This is especially attractive for the sellers because they do not have to pay taxes on this day. No wonder the King's Day flea market in Amsterdam is one of the largest flea markets in the world.

The King's Day flea markets are also an important event for some Dutch children. They own the Vondelpark on this day. Here, children sell toys and used clothing.

Art, culture and culinary delights

King's Day in Amsterdam also includes various events. For example in the NDSM Vrijhaven. Here, in the north of Amsterdam on an old shipyard site, a colourful stage for music and stands for culinary and art is created every year. From Central Station, the ferry takes you to the shipyard site.

In the evening, the street festivities end, but not the celebrations as a whole. Several major festivals are held on this day. In most cases, they are electronic dance music. These include the Kingsland Festival, Loveland van Oranje as well as Oranjebloesem at the Olympic Stadium.

More about the King's Day

Every year, the organizers expect about 700,000 visitors. This almost doubles the city's population on this day. In the morning, cafes open around 9 a.m., and in the evening, participants can choose from numerous bars, pubs and clubs. Public transport in Amsterdam is very well developed. Cars and even bicycles are not a good option on this day.

It is worth arriving the day before. On King's Day itself, both the trains and the streets are crowded. Most museums are closed on Koningsdag. This is also true for most stores. But then there are the numerous street markets, which often have cheaper and more unusual offers.

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