Medieval festival at Cochem castle

Medieval festival at Cochem castle

This year once again visitors to our proud fortification will be greeted by players and all sorts of other folks in a medieval ambience. Within the dreamlike backdrop of the old castle, rustic stalls and action stages are built up to create a medieval market scene, where all sorts of folks and jugglers will offer visitors interesting entertainment and an exciting programme with amusement, hearty food and drink.

Various contemporary craftsmen will demonstrate their ancient crafts. Amongst others; potters, an armourer and an authentic chain mail maker will perform their skills. Beer, wine and delicious food from the grill will satisfy the physical well-being.

Medieval juggler groups will entertain with an exciting programme of juggling, fire artistry, and interactive games whilst musicians play their songs on old instruments such as bagpipes, davul skin drums and shawm.

The sword fighting and medieval battle show group „Fictum“ will re-enact breathtaking battles on the stage using weapons and armour from the middle ages.

All in all an enthralling programme, which will transport visitors several hundred years back into the past within the castle walls on this weekend. And these old walls are worth a visit any time!

Program at a glance

Program at a glance

First day

  • 10.00 - all players leave from the Endertplace to proceed to the castle
  • 10.30 hrs Procession into the castle and opening of the castle festival
    Start of the medieval marketplace scene with rustic stalls, musicians, jugglers and other folks
  • 19.00 hrs End of the first festival day

Second day

  • 10.00 hrs Start of the medieval market place scene with rustic stalls, musicians, jugglers and other folk
  • 18.00 hrs End of the festival


Cochem is the seat of and the biggest town in the Cochem-Zell district in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.

Emptying into the Moselle in Cochem are the Kraklebach, the Ebernacher Bach, the Sehlerbach, the Falzbach, the Märtscheltbach and the Enthetbach.
As early as Celtic and Roman times, Cochem was settled. In 886, it had its first documentary mention as Villa cuchema. Cochem was an Imperial estate. It was pledged by King Adolf of Nassau in 1294 to the Archbishopric of Trier and remained Electoral-Trier territory until the French occupation began in 1794. In 1332, Cochem was granted town rights, and shortly thereafter, the town fortifications, which still stand today, were built. Beginning in 1794, Cochem lay under French rule. In 1815, it was assigned to the Kingdom of Prussia at the Congress of Vienna.

Louis Fréderic Jacques Ravené bought the ruin of the former Imperial castle in 1866 and began its reconstruction. Only after a bridge was built across the Moselle at Cochem in 1927 were the two fishing villages of Cond and Sehl amalgamated with the town in the course of administrative reform in 1932.

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