Luthers Wedding in Lutherstadt Wittenberg 2025

The event starts at

13 June 2025


The event ends at

15 September 2025

Luthers Wedding in Lutherstadt Wittenberg

The idea for the festival Luther’s Wedding was born in 1993 following the festivities for the 700th anniversary of Wittenberg’s charter.

The celebrations included a weekend festival, which proved enormously popular among participants and visitors alike. Afterwards, city officials and members of the public met to discuss the possibility of making it an annual festival.

A wedding is a very beautiful occasion to celebrate. And if it is also the wedding of Martin Luther and Katharina von Bora, which took place in June - what could be better for Lutherstadt Wittenberg.

Luthers Wedding in Lutherstadt Wittenberg

Luthers Wedding in Lutherstadt Wittenberg

Although initially people had to be sweet-talked into acting historical characters or marching in the pageant, since then nearly thirty historical societies have been set up which now provide the lion’s share of the festival’s participants.

When Luther’s Wedding was first held in 1994, it attracted some 50,000 spectators. Two years later, this figure rose to 70,000 – and nowadays around 100,000 people turn up every year.

Today, the happy couple is escorted through Wittenberg’s old town by a procession made up of over 2000 wedding guests attired in magnificent historical costumes.

Three days long, visitors are entertained by hundreds of performers and stallholders at the traditional fair, and fortified by an array of delicious food and drink.

This wedding ceremony unparalleled in Germany attracts excited visitors from the rest of the country, Europe and even the USA.

Castle Church

Castle Church

Over 10,000 spectators are expected to attend this annual spectacle, which is unparalleled in central Germany. A varied, sumptuous programme presented at historic locations associated with the Reformation can be enjoyed from Friday until Sunday. Castle Church with its famous door to which Martin Luther nailed his 95 Propositions in 1517 will be surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the traditional fair. Jugglers and musicians will be demonstrating their skills, there’ll be a host of fascinating craft stalls, and all sorts of deliciously tempting food and drink can be sampled. And fortunately, the castle guard and even a team of mercenaries will be on hand to protect onlookers from near and far!

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