Royal Ascot

 Royal Ascot racecourse, Berkshire, England

Royal Ascot - The Royal Horse Race

Royal Ascot is more than just horse racing. Ask Englishmen and they will confirm it unequivocally. Royal Ascot is like a mesmerizing explosion of the senses with an all-star cast, an unparalleled race coupled with dress code, social elegance, hats and exquisite upscale cuisine.

It's no wonder Royal Ascot is known around the world and is considered one of the biggest horse races in the world. Therefore the guests can see a harsh competition between world's finest racehorses by attending the event. And last but not least, Royal Ascot means exquisite fashion and social elegance.

From the arrival of the royal procession to the communal singing around Ascot's bandstand, each of the five days is a special event. Royal Ascot has to be seen to be believed.

The Royal Family at Royal Ascot

The Royal Family at Royal Ascot

Royal Ascot is without a doubt one of the most famous racecourses in all of Great Britain, if not Europe. Every June, the venerable racecourse hosts a special race week called Royal Ascot. This has been regularly attended by the Queen and it is considered certain that King Charles will not miss this opportunity either. Royal Ascot Week has become Britain's most popular race meeting. The organizers welcome around 300,000 visitors over the five days. Of course, people wear all their finest dresses here, and the ladies in particular wear creative hats.

How many days is the Royal Ascot?

The annual Royal Ascott meetings usually run in June for five days. The event usually takes place between 20 and 24 June, with the following year’s dates being determined after each event.

The dress code for Royal Ascot

The five days include a special dress code. It dates back to 1800 but has already adapted somewhat to modern dress. For the man, a combination of cutaway and top hat, the "morning dress" is prescribed. The colour should be ascot grey if possible. The lady wears respectable clothes in Royal Ascot. In any case, a hat or fascinator to it.

An important Social Gathering

An important Social Gathering

Each day of the race week begins with the royal procession. Then you can watch the races from different stands. horse racing is inseparably connected with bets. These have a long tradition in England. The third day of the racing week is commonly considered the most important day and the highlight of the event. This day is reserved for the Ascot Gold Cup. This particular race has been held for more than 200 years. The race for the Gold Cup covers a distance of just over four kilometres. It is England's most important gallop race. For female visitors, this day is more commonly known as Ladies Day. On this day, the female visitors wear especially extravagant hats. Above mentioned particulars make Royal Ascot a high-class sporting event on the one hand and a social event of great importance on the other hand.

Royal Ascot Enclosures

Royal Ascot Race Week is the perfect opportunity to celebrate summer with friends and loved ones. You can book the event as a group and enjoy exciting races and culinary highlights together. There are a total of four stalls to choose from:

- Queen Anne Enclosure

- Royal Enclosure

- Windsor Enclosure

- Village Enclosure

Bars and restaurants await you in the various stands. A wide selection of food and drink, from exciting street food concepts to elegant walk-up restaurants, will provide you with the essentials.

At the Village Enclosure, you can additionally look forward to live music. If you're not a fan of dress codes, why not visit the Windsor Enclosure? There are no specific dress codes for this booth.

The five days of Ascot hold highlights of a sporting, social and culinary nature.

Can anyone go to Royal Ascot?

The Royal Enclosure is accessible exclusively by the member whereas the Crown Anne Enclosure is open to guests.

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