Best Tea festivals in Europe

Berlin Tea Festival

Berlin Tea Festival marks its significance as one of Europe's largest tea festivals. By the fourth edition, it has already established itself as a key event for tea enthusiasts and professionals. The festival, spread across different days, begis with a B2B session featuring insightful talks by tea industry professionals.

Adding to the richness of the event are the engaging workshops and competitive events like the Latte Art Throwdown and the Barista Battle Challenge, which brought together some of the best baristas from across Europe. The festival's dedication to fostering a deep understanding and appreciation of tea culture was evident through its diverse program, including tastings, seminars, and a focus on sustainability through initiatives like the Pfandbecher-System for coffee-to-go. The Berlin Tea Festival not only celebrates the diversity and flavors of tea but also contributes significantly to the cultural and educational landscape of the tea community in Berlin and beyond.

Prague Tea Fest

The Prague Tea Fest has established itself as a notable event among tea enthusiasts across Europe and particularly in the Czech Republic. The festival is not just about tasting but also about learning, with tea stalls like Nari Tea introducing rare teas such as a shaded sencha from the Hakusei cultivar.

With over 50 exhibitors Prague Tea Fest continues to serve as a platform for tea culture exchange, offering a wide range of activities including tastings, lectures, and the opportunity to purchase unique teas. The inclusion of international participants and exhibitors highlights the festival's role in connecting tea cultures and communities from across the globe.