The Best Hotels in Amalfi


The best 5 star hotels in Amalfi

Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa

Caruso, A Belmond Hotel, Amalfi Coast

Hotel Santa Caterina

Borgo Santandrea

Palazzo Pascal

Step into an Italian oasis at the Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa. Reviews praise the hotel for its incredible views, lovely rooms, and stunning bathrooms complete with underfloor heating. Guests rave about the sun terrace adjacent to their rooms, the wonderful restaurant, and the exceptional spa facilities. The intimate nature of the hotel has also been noted as a highlight, making the hotel feel like a private sanctuary amidst the bustling Amalfi Coast. Although some guests expressed a desire for more attentive pool staff, overall, the peaceful location, beautiful gardens, and gorgeous nighttime ambiance with candlelight earned high marks.

This hotel is commended for its great service and welcoming staff, with several guests remarking that it's among the best they've ever stayed at. The breakfast and dinners receive high praise for their quality, and the hotel's ability to exceed guest expectations for special occasions was appreciated. The only minor issue highlighted was the temperature of the heated pool, but overall, the classic Italian ambiance, views, food, and spa area left guests enamored. With several reviews describing the experience as worth the cost and beyond their imaginations, it's clear that the Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa is considered a top-tier destination.

The Caruso, A Belmond Hotel, Amalfi Coast is highly praised by guests for its stunning location, exceptional service, and attention to every detail. The hotel boasts wonderful staff who ensure all guests feel VIP, be it through the special activities like boat trips to Capri or the attentive service throughout their stay. Many guests comment on the beautiful views and the property's charm, likening it to a small beautiful village rather than a traditional hotel. Despite one minor complaint about the quality of dinner, the majority of guests can't find fault with the hotel, some even labeling it as one of the finest they've ever stayed in. Repeat visits and glowing recommendations affirm its status as a world-class accommodation.

The Hotel Santa Caterina shines for its stunning views, excellent customer service, and diverse food options catering to all dietary needs. Reviews highlight the beautiful location, wonderful breakfasts, and the outstanding diligence of the staff. Special mention is made of the Michelin-starred restaurant, Glicine, with guests praising its exceptional food. Some guests raised concerns about the size and view of their room and the unreliability of the shuttle service, but the general consensus praises the hotel's overall beauty, its gorgeous gardens, and the well-equipped gym. The majority of guests felt their expectations were exceeded, particularly with room upgrades and the breakfast offerings, and agreed that everything was "perfect".

The Borgo Santandrea is described by guests as an exceptional hotel offering a five-star experience. The management, staff, and overall attention to detail are frequently highlighted. With its top-notch facilities, including a unique beach club and free water taxis to and from Amalfi, guests feel that the hotel is a work of art. Notable mentions go to the fantastic breakfast and spectacular views, with many noting the beautiful architecture and design. The service and hospitality are commended consistently, with the hotel staff, from the owner to the restaurant personnel, providing outstanding service. One particular praise was for making a honeymoon experience memorable, with many looking forward to returning.

Palazzo Pascal is considered an amazing and beautiful place to stay by its guests. Its location, conveniently close to Ravello, offers breathtaking views. The staff are commended for their exceptional service and professionalism, going above and beyond to accommodate guests. The on-site restaurant and breakfast have been lauded as excellent. Despite minor concerns about the hotel's somewhat challenging access and the costs of getting around, guests loved the hotel's attention to detail, peaceful setting, and proximity to other towns via walking paths. Celebrating special occasions, like birthdays, is made more memorable by the hotel's thoughtful gestures.

The best 4 star hotels in Amalfi

Hotel le Rocce - Agerola, Amalfi Coast

Hotel Marina Riviera

Hotel Miramalfi

Hotel Residence

Grand Hotel Excelsior

Hotel le Rocce - Agerola, Amalfi Coast is a recently renovated, family-friendly establishment praised for its stunning views and remarkable customer service. The hotel's location, nestled in a charming small town, provides an authentic and serene atmosphere, augmented by the exceptional cleanliness and the convenience of having public transportation right at the doorstep. Despite being somewhat removed from the Amalfi center, the hotel ensures ease of access with a shuttle bus service.

The hotel rooms at Le Rocce are described as awe-inspiring and meticulously clean. Guests appreciate the helpfulness of the staff and the extensive breakfast options. The swimming pool and the proximity to the starting point of the Walk of the Gods hike add to the hotel's appeal. Despite a few minor drawbacks, like the need for better soundproofing in rooms, the overwhelmingly positive feedback highlights an unforgettable stay at Le Rocce.

The Hotel Marina Riviera enjoys an excellent location close to the Amalfi center and the beach, offering stunning sea views from various areas of the hotel, including rooms, restaurant, terrace, and rooftop. Visitors commend the hotel for its clean facilities, helpful staff, and pleasant welcome gestures such as a complimentary bottle of wine. The hotel's excellent breakfast service receives special mention, though the lack of hot egg options is noted as an area for improvement.

Despite the physical layout which may require navigating stairs, guests appreciate the friendly, attentive staff and the stunning views from the hotel. The general consensus among reviewers suggests that the Marina Riviera offers a top-tier hospitality experience that makes guests hesitant to leave. However, the mention of a lack of gym facilities indicates a possible area for future enhancements.

The Hotel Miramalfi stands out for its exceptional setting, fantastic staff, and extensive amenities. Praised as the location of the 'best breakfast' on some visitors' Italian trips, the hotel impresses with its luxurious standards, stunning views, and superior service. Guests commend the private access to the sea, waiter service at the beach club, and the exceptional restaurant offerings, although the heavy seafood focus is noted as a potential drawback for some.

The rooms at Miramalfi provide breathtaking views of the Amalfi coast, contributing to a memorable stay. Guests also appreciate the hotel's thoughtful gestures, such as the birthday cake surprise. However, some reviewers suggest that the hotel could benefit from improved soundproofing and a more pleasant room scent. Despite these minor issues and the slight distance from the city center (mitigated by a free shuttle), the overall feedback is overwhelmingly positive, framing Hotel Miramalfi as an excellent choice for a luxurious stay on the Amalfi coast.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Amalfi at the Hotel Residence. Known for its fabulous location, it is located near the main Piazza and just across from the beach. Guest reviews highlight the stunning ocean views from the rooms, fantastic breakfast, charming ambiance, and its proximity to the bus station, shopping square, and several restaurants. The staff is reported to be friendly and responsive, further enhancing guests' experience. A few guests reported noise due to its central location and some found the bed uncomfortable. Also, note that parking can be a challenge in the area.

Next up, we have the Grand Hotel Excelsior that offers spectacular views of the Amalfi coast, and provides a complimentary shuttle service to the beach and city center. The breakfast buffet receives high praise for quality and service, and the staff is noted for being welcoming and helpful. Evening meals are varied and good value, and the rooms are comfortable. Some guests felt that the rooms could use some updates and the shuttle service can get fully booked, so planning ahead is advisable. While there were minor issues with room facilities such as the absence of a full-length mirror and aircon problems, the staff was noted to be attentive in resolving these.

The best 3 star hotels in Amalfi

Hotel Le Terrazze


Hotel Antica Repubblica

Hotel Villa Felice Relais

Hotel Floridiana

Hotel Le Terrazze is a destination celebrated for its outstanding views and exceptional staff. Guests have described the Mediterranean ambiance of the hotel as truly marvelous, with the quiet, sea-facing rooms serving as a dreamy and romantic sanctuary. The interiors are decorated with a warm white color that makes you feel welcomed. The complimentary breakfast is also a major highlight, with many describing it as wonderful. The rooms are comfortable and the location superb, close to the beach and three great restaurants.

Reviews suggest that the hotel's amenities, while not without flaws, more than make up for any inconveniences. Some guests have noted the lack of room service and the challenging 200-step walk to reach the beach, but the majority found their stay unforgettable. The hotel is also praised for its cleanliness, spacious rooms, and breathtaking views. The staff have been described as incredibly friendly and helpful, further enhancing the overall experience. For many, Hotel Le Terrazze is considered a top choice when visiting Amalfi, with one reviewer stating that they would happily return time and again.

HOTEL ZI'NTONIO is a guest favorite for its incredible views, excellent service, and comfortable amenities. Reviewers highlighted its location in Scala, with breathtaking views over Ravello, and praised the hotel for being a tranquil escape from the usual crowd. The staff are highly praised for their friendliness, helpfulness, and exceptional service. A standout feature is the hotel's cleanliness, with sparkling clean rooms, comfortable beds, pure white bedlinen, and soft, extra clean towels.

Guests also appreciate the tasty breakfast, described as one of the best in Italy, and the convenience of having parking available on the property. The hotel's restaurant received positive remarks for its excellent food and reasonable prices. While minor issues such as mosquito control and shower maintenance were mentioned, the overwhelmingly positive feedback points to an unforgettable stay at HOTEL ZI'NTONIO, with several guests noting their intent to return.

Located in the heart of the city, Hotel Antica Repubblica is noted for its perfect location, unique Amalfi Coast charm, and exceptional customer service. Reviewers particularly loved the spacious rooms, comfortable surroundings, and newly renovated bathrooms, complete with a spa-like rain shower. The manager, Christian, received multiple mentions for his warm hospitality, helpfulness, and capability to accommodate guest needs.

The breakfast service, featuring fresh cappuccinos and fruits, has also garnered positive reviews. Though some guests mentioned the hotel is undergoing refurbishment and the slightly challenging access from the main road due to car restrictions, the overall experience was highly praised. The prime location close to restaurants, shops, the station, and the ferry, combined with the calm and quiet ambience within the hotel, make Hotel Antica Repubblica a recommended choice for any traveler visiting Amalfi.

Hotel Villa Felice Relais is a charming boutique hotel characterized by warm hospitality, beautiful surroundings, and convenient amenities. Reviews highly praise the staff, especially Christina, who is mentioned as being particularly helpful and welcoming. The spectacular views, the delicious food at the on-site restaurant, and the advantageous location right next to a bus stop are also highlights of the hotel experience. The guest rooms are described as clean and comfortable, providing breathtaking panoramas of the area.

However, a few reviews indicate that the sound insulation in the rooms could be improved, and there are numerous stairs to climb, which may be a concern for some guests. Nonetheless, the overall feedback suggests a pleasant, relaxing stay marked by top-tier service and a genuinely caring staff. Even the small touches, such as a super cute resident dog, contribute to the hotel's unique charm and appeal.

The Hotel Floridiana is noted for its prime location right in the heart of the city, offering easy access to various attractions and good restaurants. Guests commend the hotel's comfortable, spacious rooms and the friendly, helpful staff. The breakfast served in a charming room is highlighted as better than expected, providing a variety of delicious options.

Although situated in an old building shared with other hotels, the Hotel Floridiana successfully maintains its distinct character and tranquillity. Some guests point out the absence of a bar as a potential area for improvement. Also, while the area is touristy, it doesn't appear to negatively affect the guests' overall experience. In fact, features like the porter service, the original artwork, and the relaxing rooftop area only seem to enhance the appeal of this centrally located hotel.

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