The Best Hotels in Bayreuth


The best 4 star hotels in Bayreuth

Hotel Bayerischer Hof

ARVENA Kongress Hotel - Hotel in der Wagnerstadt

Transmar Travel Hotel

Hotel Goldener Anker

Centrally located near the train station, the Hotel Bayerischer Hof is known for its spacious rooms, excellent buffet breakfast, and professional, friendly staff. The rooms are well-equipped and family-friendly, offering modern aesthetics, a safe, and a mini-fridge. Guests particularly commend the hotel's delicious breakfast, and the convenience of being just a few steps from the train station. The staff's competence and friendliness contribute to the overall welcoming atmosphere of the hotel.

However, some points could be improved. Guests have noted a lack of certain amenities upon arrival, such as toothpaste, although these were provided upon request. There were also reports of a limited gym equipment and the absence of a pool. Late arrivals might be disappointed to find no bar or restaurant service. Access can also be a bit challenging for those with prams or buggies due to a staircase at the entrance. Despite these, the overall feedback for Hotel Bayerischer Hof is positive, particularly for its location, service, and breakfast offerings.

Next, the ARVENA Kongress Hotel - Hotel in der Wagnerstadt is appreciated for its friendly and helpful staff, clean and spacious rooms, and its array of amenities including a sports area and sauna. The hotel's eco-friendly initiative, where guests are offered a drink voucher for waiving room cleaning, is noted as a cool idea. Its location is also lauded, being only a five-minute walk from the city centre. The breakfast offered is noted as good and the 24-hour front desk is convenient for late check-ins and early check-outs.

On the other hand, some guests have found the hotel's decor to be a bit dated, with some essentials for a 4-star establishment missing. There were also remarks about beds being too soft or moving, and curtains not effectively blocking out the morning light, making long sleep difficult for some. The internet speed has been reported to be a bit slow. Despite these small inconveniences, the hotel remains a popular choice for its location, cleanliness, friendly staff, and value-added services.

Offering a blend of comfort and convenience, the Transmar Travel Hotel features clean and comfortable rooms, with a notable breakfast service and air conditioning. The hotel enjoys a strategic location, being close to the highway and offering free parking right at its entrance. The restaurant and breakfast buffet have been praised by guests, as well as the hotel's accommodating and motivated staff. Additional positives include the hotel's quiet and comfortable accommodation, and its 24/7 reception, making it an ideal choice for transit stays or short stopovers.

Some areas for improvement include limited free internet access, missing light switches and sockets beside the beds, and the lack of restaurant and bar services on Sundays. Some guests also wished for additional room amenities like outlets by the bed. Regardless, guests generally find the hotel to provide great value, with its convenient access, modern and clean interiors, and friendly staff. The hotel's proximity to the motorway and gas stations, its free parking, and delicious breakfast further solidify its appeal to travelers.

The Hotel Goldener Anker is an historic hotel that exudes charm and character. Guests enjoy its unique room decor, reminiscent of castle styles, and its central location right in the heart of town. The hotel's breakfast service is also well-regarded, as is the parking availability. The staff is commended for their friendliness and helpfulness. Furthermore, the hotel's proximity to the famous opera house and its unique historical aura add to its allure.

On the downside, some guests have noted issues with the shower and the cleanliness of the glass in the room. The mattress was also found to be too soft by some, and there was a reported issue with a clock radio not working properly. However, the overall experience at Hotel Goldener Anker seems to be very positive, with guests particularly drawn to its unique charm, rich history, excellent breakfast, and helpful staff.

Last but not least, the Grunau Hotel offers a pleasant place to rest and relax after a long journey. The spacious rooms, large bathrooms, and nice breakfast service contribute to a comfortable stay. Free parking and a convenient location make this hotel an ideal stop for those passing by. Plus, the friendly and helpful staff add to the overall positive experience.

However, some guests have noted issues with the Wi-Fi connectivity and the freshness of the breakfast. The stained carpets and lack of English-speaking receptionists were also points of contention. Additionally, some guests mentioned an undesirable "smell" in the room. Despite these minor drawbacks, the hotel's proximity to the city, the size of its rooms, and the value of its breakfast service make it a decent choice for a short stay.

The best 3 star hotels in Bayreuth

Flair Hotel Dobrachtal

Hotel Restaurant Lohmühle

Behringers Freizeit - und Tagungshotel

Hotel Goldener Hirsch

ibis Styles Bayreuth

Flair Hotel Dobrachtal is widely appreciated for its fantastic food, which extends from delicious dinners to diverse and fulfilling breakfasts. Its facilities, such as a swimming pool and Wi-Fi, add to the overall experience, and the staff earns accolades for their friendly and accommodating nature. Situated in a serene location, the hotel also offers amenities like a small balcony in the rooms, plenty of free parking, and storage facilities for bicycles. It seems to cater to a variety of travelers, including groups and individuals.

Guests had few complaints, with minor issues involving the furniture in the room. Despite being a bit away from the city center of Kulmbach, the hotel's quiet ambiance is a plus for many. In special circumstances, the hotel was lauded for its understanding and flexible cancellation policy. Overall, Flair Hotel Dobrachtal appears to be a great option for a relaxing and enjoyable stay.

Hotel Restaurant Lohmühle is lauded for its numerous comforts, including heated bathroom floors and a little sitting area for reading. Its close proximity to area sites, coupled with the convenience of a private parking lot included in the room price, provides for an enjoyable stay. The on-site restaurant has a positive impression, and the breakfast, in particular, earns high praise for its quality and variety. The staff is described as helpful and friendly, adding to the overall positive experience.

Some of the negatives include a small shower, lack of a lift, and unstable Wi-Fi. Also, some guests found their rooms to be somewhat disappointing, while others mentioned noise issues when rooms were facing the road. Despite these, the positives significantly outweigh the negatives, with the spacious, clean rooms in the historical building adding a touch of charm. The restaurant's outstanding food and the staff's friendliness further enhance the overall pleasant experience at Hotel Restaurant Lohmühle.

The Behringers Freizeit - und Tagungshotel offers an enjoyable and satisfying stay according to its guests. The rooms are known for their cleanliness and suitability to guests' needs. The hotel's staff stands out for their exceptional friendliness and helpfulness, ensuring a smooth stay. Despite some minor issues with the bed, guests are ready to return for another stay.

The hotel’s location proves to be a great starting point for various activities. Guests also commend the hotel's breakfast, describing it as good and plentiful. The on-site restaurant and beer garden are highlights, providing delicious meals in a charming setting. Particularly, the hotel is praised for its cleanliness, value for money, and its accommodating facilities for cyclists and motorcyclists.

Located in the heart of Bayreuth's city center, the Hotel Goldener Hirsch is known for its convenient location and helpful staff. The rooms are described as airy, nicely decorated, and equipped with everything one might need. The hotel also stands out for its fast and varied breakfast service. Guests were particularly appreciative of the hotel's helpful staff.

In addition to its prime location, the hotel offers an optional parking facility directly behind the building. Some guests mentioned minor issues with the size of the double beds and the softness of the pillows, but these did not significantly affect their overall positive experience. The hotel's proximity to major sights and the central station is a significant plus, and despite the slightly outdated interior, guests find the positive aspects much more significant and are eager to return.

With a close proximity to the train station, the ibis Styles Bayreuth is praised for its cleanliness and minimal clean design. The hotel's lounge area is considered to be spacious, perfect for hanging out with friends. Despite being a budget hotel, guests have shared that the hotel doesn’t feel like one, thanks to its functional design, easy parking, and friendly staff. Some guests, however, found the passing trains to be a bit noisy.

The hotel rooms are appreciated for their stylish and modern furniture, and guests also admire the friendly and helpful staff. The only downside noted by some guests was the lack of a fridge in the room. Despite being directly facing the railway and having small rooms, the soundproofing was excellent. Some guests also found the breakfast options to be limited for the price, while others enjoyed it. Overall, the hotel's location next to the train station and city center is seen as a major advantage.

The best budget hotels in Bayreuth

ibis budget Bayreuth

The ibis budget Bayreuth hotel strikes a balance between style, functionality, and affordability. It is often praised for its modern and stylish vibe with clean and sensibly designed interiors. Despite the modest size of the rooms, the comfort and cleanliness are highly appreciated by the guests. With its prime location right next to the train station, it provides convenient access to public transportation, making it an ideal choice for travellers. Other amenities that receive high marks from the guests include the excellent breakfast service, the comfortable beddings, and a well-appointed bar in the seating area.

However, the hotel's compact room design sometimes comes as a downside as guests have pointed out issues with space, especially when the suitcase is open. Warm room temperatures have also been noted, which could potentially affect comfort during hotter months. Regardless of the few shortcomings, guests generally find the hotel a good value for money, praising the professional and customer-oriented staff, cleanliness, and convenient location close to the motorway. Despite some opinions about the need for more breakfast options, the overall sentiment remains positive, making ibis budget Bayreuth a smart choice for a budget-conscious yet comfortable stay.

The best hostels in Bayreuth

DJH Jugendherberge Pottenstein

Jugendherberge Bayreuth

Hillside Nature

DJH Jugendherberge Pottenstein is a modern, clean, and efficiently run hostel that offers great value for travelers. The guests have given positive reviews about its well-organized and bountiful breakfast, friendly staff, and good hygiene measures in place. This hostel is particularly praised for its great location that acts as a perfect starting point for exploring Franconian Switzerland. Its clean four-bed rooms and friendly staff make for a comfortable stay.

On the other hand, some drawbacks have also been pointed out by guests. The fact that the toilet is not in the room but in the hallway was mentioned as an inconvenience. There were also comments on slightly restrictive reception opening times and a somewhat dated structure. Nonetheless, the hostel's good food, helpful staff, and ample facilities make it a suitable option for travelers, and many guests have expressed their intention to rebook.

Jugendherberge Bayreuth comes highly recommended by its visitors. They've highlighted its spacious, well-equipped rooms and the great location, close to the city center and easily reachable from the highway. Many guests appreciated the friendly staff and the hostel's commitment to cleanliness and efficiency. Its eco-friendly construction, appealing to sustainability-minded guests, is a plus point.

While the hostel is generally well-reviewed, some issues were brought up such as the absence of Wi-Fi in rooms, only available in the common areas. The hardness of the bed mattresses was not to everyone's liking. Moreover, noise from other guests was mentioned as a disturbance. However, the overall impression remains positive, with high marks given for the hostel's location, cleanliness, and the quality of its services including the well-regarded breakfast.

Hillside Nature hostel is lauded for its excellent staff, clean rooms and facilities. It's located right on the ski slope, making it a perfect spot for winter sport enthusiasts. Guests also highlight the food quality, with a particularly strong emphasis on its tasty restaurant meals and the extensive, balanced breakfasts. Notable too, is the warm and friendly atmosphere, which gives it a homey, family feel.

Despite the generally positive reviews, there are few areas for improvement. Some guests expressed a desire for in-room amenities such as TVs, Wi-Fi, and waste bins. The absence of towels was also pointed out, as well as restrictions on outdoor activities after 10 p.m. Overall, the hostel seems to be an ideal choice for nature-lovers and those seeking a relaxing getaway, offering a peaceful environment surrounded by nature. However, the lack of certain amenities might be a deterrent for guests looking for a more comprehensive package.

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