The Best Hotels in Bratislava


The best 5 star hotels in Bratislava

Marrol's Boutique Hotel

Grand Hotel River Park

Sheraton Bratislava Hotel

Marrol's Boutique Hotel, encapsulates genuine Slovak hospitality in a tastefully decorated environment situated in a convenient central location. The hotel boasts spacious rooms, complete with comfortable amenities and an impressive gourmet restaurant. Some reviews suggest a minor improvement on offering varied menus on different days. However, the location, staff, and rooms receive high praise. The complimentary breakfast, free welcome drink, and inclusivity of useful items like umbrellas are some of the additional perks that guests appreciate. There are some suggestions about changing the bathtub to a shower for safer access. Marrol's Boutique Hotel is described as well-maintained, featuring rich decor, and serving a great breakfast.

Grand Hotel River Park, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Bratislava lives up to its five-star rating with its wide range of offerings and friendly staff. While the service at breakfast might need a little enhancement, the overall experience, location, and food quality stand out. Some guests have pointed out the lack of coffee machines as a minor inconvenience. The hotel offers a variety of amenities including a cigar & brandy place, a well-equipped spa, and big rooms. Notably, the wellness facilities are praised with guests mentioning the quality of massages received. However, some found the parking to be somewhat expensive. You can experience the luxury and comfort at Grand Hotel River Park.

Sheraton Bratislava Hotel is noted for its excellent location and professional, friendly staff. The comfortable beds, exceptional breakfast, and incredible views were appreciated by guests. However, a suggestion was made for more variety in the breakfast buffet. A minor issue with noises from the outdoor entertainment was noted. The proximity to the city center and the high-quality service of the staff were some of the significant highlights of the hotel. Despite the slight criticism of the wellness area being extra charged and not special, the hotel provides a 24/7 gym and comfortable rooms. Experience all the offerings of Sheraton Bratislava Hotel.

The best 4 star hotels in Bratislava

LOFT Hotel Bratislava

Metropolitan Star Apart Hotel

Roset Hotel & Residence

Arcadia Boutique Hotel

The LOFT Hotel Bratislava is a modern and well-equipped hotel that's renowned for its excellent staff service. Many guests find the Steampunk-inspired decoration in the rooms cozy and comfortable after an initial period of adjustment. In-room amenities like the perfect-not-too-soft bed, a free minibar, and a coffee machine, add to the pleasant stay. However, some guests had minor issues with their coffee machine not working. The hotel's location is convenient, being only a 10-minute walk from the main station and the Old Town. The onsite bar/restaurant, which serves the hotel's own beer, is highly praised by guests.

Reviews about LOFT Hotel Bratislava are overall very positive, particularly highlighting the free minibar and drink, excellent breakfast, and an amazing view from the rooms. Minor criticisms include lack of an in-house gym, the in-room coffee making system, and occasional noise from the hallway. However, these did not seem to significantly affect guests' overall experiences. Guests appreciate the unique and original room decoration, the large double bed, and the friendly and helpful staff. The location within walking distance of the old town and the excellent onsite restaurant and cafe have also been noted as positives.

The Metropolitan Star Apart Hotel boasts an excellent location on the edge of the city center. Guests found the facilities to be comfortable, clean, and spacious. The onsite parking garage with spacious parking spots is a plus point, although some guests suggested that parking could be included in the price. The rooms are large, bright, and clean, and the security measures, while considered disconcerting by some, have also been seen as necessary.

Guests have highly recommended Metropolitan Star Apart Hotel. They've appreciated the apartment's size, brightness, and cleanliness. The staff's friendliness and helpfulness were also a highlight. Other positives include easy parking and the close proximity to the city center and nearby restaurants. Some negatives included construction noise from the adjacent building and minor room details, such as the lack of a light switch accessible from the bed and no nightstand or lamp. Despite these minor issues, the overall reviews remain very positive, especially highlighting the spacious room, terrace, kitchen, and cleanliness.

Located only a short walk from the Old Town of Bratislava, the Wilson Palace is highly appreciated by guests for its outstanding LOFT rooms design and attention to detail. Guests have noted the excellent services, including daily refilled minibars, a coffee machine, and a large TV in the rooms. A particular favorite among guests is the Beer Factory pub located downstairs, offering quality beer in one-liter glass bottles. Reviews also highlight the high professionalism of the staff, the excellent breakfast, and the thoughtful addition of small gifts, such as wine tasting from the machine.

Although the restaurant's food is considered "heavy" and lacks fresh vegetables, the vast selection of beers compensates for it. Most guests have been pleased with the comfortable beds and the room size. One noted disappointment was the lack of room service. However, the cleanliness, central location, and friendly staff have been consistently praised. The overall sentiment towards the Wilson Palace is overwhelmingly positive, with special mentions to the staff's assistance with tour bookings and the exceptional property itself.

The Roset Hotel & Residence impresses its guests with spacious rooms and friendly staff. Its prime location near the Danube and the old town, coupled with in-house parking, makes it an ideal choice for many travelers. Some guests have pointed out minor issues like the noise from trams and the absence of coffee in the rooms. However, these issues are offset by the fantastic breakfast with a wide selection of quality foods, friendly reception staff, and the hotel's cleanliness.

Reviews further highlight the hotel's great location with tram services and grocery stores nearby, as well as the enthusiastic and helpful staff at the reception desk. While the hotel's normal rooms do not match the penthouse featured on the booking site, the rooms are nonetheless praised for their spaciousness and comfortable decor. The breakfast spread, especially the made-to-order eggs and oatmeal, is a big hit among guests. Overall, the Roset Hotel & Residence has left a positive impression on its guests with its outstanding cleanliness, helpful staff, and an amazing breakfast.

The Arcadia Boutique Hotel stands out with its perfect location, wonderful building, and commendable staff service. Guests have found the big beds comfortable, and the breakfasts delicious. Some guests expressed minor dissatisfaction with the restaurant's evening service availability and the low volume of television sound. The property's charm, stemming from its vintage design and prime location, has won over many guests.

Despite some guests finding the A/C system confusing and the 11:00 am checkout a bit early, reviews for the Arcadia Boutique Hotel are overwhelmingly positive. Guests have praised the large and comfortable rooms, the hotel's beautiful interior, and the helpful reception staff. A well-stocked breakfast buffet and excellent location right next to the main square are also appreciated. Despite some concerns over the internal stairs being a potential fall hazard, the hotel is generally well-loved by its guests, with many hoping to return in the future.

The best 3 star hotels in Bratislava

Felicity Garni Hotel

BEIGLI Hotel & Garden

APLEND CITY Hotel Perugia

Garni Hotel DOCK Bratislava

Hotel Matyšák

The Felicity Garni Hotel has been praised by its guests for its exceptional management, cozy and comfortable rooms, and fast Wi-Fi. The hotel is conveniently located just outside downtown Bratislava, with easy access to the city's historic old town by bus or a short drive. The friendly and helpful staff, along with a tasty and reasonably priced breakfast, add value to the guests' stay. However, some guests mentioned the TV channel selection as being limited and the parking area as somewhat tight.

Despite these minor issues, the Felicity Garni Hotel receives commendation for its wide range of food selection during breakfast and for its high-quality security feature of a private parking lot covered by camera surveillance. The staff are noted to be very kind, attentive, and service-oriented, offering a generous and delicious breakfast and comfortable accommodations. Some guests find the cost a bit high considering the size of the room and hotel facilities, but many highlight the friendly and professional owner and convenient location near the Nivy Center and main bus station.

Located right in the old city center, the BEIGLI Hotel & Garden offers its guests a clean and comfortable stay. The hotel is known for its friendly staff and excellent location, making it a prime choice for tourists wishing to explore the area. Guests rave about the hotel's large rooms, comfortable beds, and the wide variety of food choices for breakfast. However, one downside noted by some guests is the lack of a 24-hour reception, making it difficult for guests with unusual schedules to interact with staff.

Despite a few minor setbacks, like a potential difficulty for Uber drop-off due to location within the old town gates and a lack of vegan options at breakfast, the BEIGLI Hotel & Garden still receives high praise from guests. The receptionists are noted as very kind and hospitable, and they even allowed early check-in for guests in need. The rooms are described as clean and cozy, with super comfortable beds. Though the breakfast is not overly diverse, it remains tasty and satisfactory for a few nights. The hotel's location, decor, and spacious rooms are additional highlights, despite some guests experiencing issues with the air conditioning.

The APLEND CITY Hotel Perugia offers super nice rooms with large bathrooms and modern AC units. The quiet rooms, friendly receptionists, and shared areas with seats and a cute glass elevator are some of the highlights that guests frequently mention. Despite the breakfast being somewhat disappointing to some due to lack of variety and issues with flies around the juice machine, the overall experience remains positive for many guests. However, some guests have expressed concerns about the breakfast area, which is in a cellar, becoming crowded and lacking fresh air, especially in the context of safety protocols during the pandemic.

The staff at the APLEND CITY Hotel Perugia are noted to be very friendly and helpful, contributing to the hotel's great location advantage. The clean and well-appointed rooms are highly praised, although some guests expressed a wish for more breakfast alternatives. While parking is quite far, making the hotel more comfortable for tourists without cars, the hotel’s location, room conditions, and beautiful patio have garnered positive reviews. The large, comfortable rooms with large balconies and patios are particularly appreciated by guests who have found the hotel's proximity to important locations and lovely shops advantageous.

The Garni Hotel DOCK Bratislava boasts comfortable rooms with large spaces, nice receptionists, and a convenient location across from the main bus station and within walking distance to the Old Town. The hotel's original and cozy interior, along with smooth self-check-in process, quiet ambiance at night, and abundant breakfast, offers good value for money. One issue raised by some guests is the thinness of the walls, which may affect the noise level from neighbors.

Despite the reception not operating 24/7, guests have praised the modern design, cleanliness, spacious rooms, friendly and helpful service, and good breakfast. The hotel's proximity to the river and the Nivy Mall adds to its convenience for guests, although some found it a bit difficult to locate by car. The friendliness of the staff and the good breakfast make the Garni Hotel DOCK Bratislava a favorite among many, despite minor issues with noise and reception hours.

Noted for its convenience for business travelers, the Hotel Matyšák offers a comfortable stay with a great location and friendly staff. The hotel's fantastic restaurant is a highlight for many guests. While the approach from the railway station may be tricky due to stairs and a hill, the hotel offers nice modern rooms with ample amenities, helpful staff, and good breakfast. The restaurant's high-quality dishes and good riesling wine are also worth noting.

Guests find Hotel Matyšák's location ideal, especially when arriving by train. The center is accessible by a 15-20 minute walk or by numerous buses/trams. Complimentary wine in the spacious rooms and comfortable beds add to the appeal, despite some noise from the street and lack of plugs close to the beds. The hotel's good location, comfy rooms, nice bathrooms, and good breakfast contribute to its overall appeal, despite some guests finding the hotel hard to locate.

The best budget hotels in Bratislava

Hotel Taxis Bratislava

Retro Hotel Suza

Hotel Galeria pre sebarozvoj s ubytovaním Motýlí dom

The Hotel Remy is described as having spacious, clean rooms with friendly and helpful staff. Despite its location being somewhat far from the city centre, guests have appreciated the charm of its proximity to a lake. Some confusion was noted regarding whether room service was included or not. The hotel is in a convenient location for accessing the city centre via public transport and benefits from a large shopping center nearby. However, some guests noted that the beds weren't the most comfortable, and there were noise issues.

Considering the price, guests have found the Hotel Remy to be good value for money. The ease of getting into town via tram, the informative staff, and the overall cleanliness of the hotel are among the features that have received praise. Despite a lack of fridges in the rooms and some issues with uncomfortable pillows and slow wifi, the staff's pleasantness, the hotel's cleanliness, and the convenient access to public transportation have been highlighted. Guests have also mentioned the problem of mosquitoes due to missing window nets in the rooms.

Hotel Prim is highly appreciated for its convenient location next to a tram station, offering a direct line to the city centre within approximately 20 minutes. The compact, clean, and air-conditioned rooms are deemed to be good value for the price paid. Guests have particularly mentioned the useful amenities, such as a kitchen sink, small table, en suite bathroom, and fridge in the rooms. The reception staff are described as welcoming, helpful, and hospitable. Despite being located on a busy road close to the tram line, the hotel maintains its tranquillity at night.

However, the Hotel Prim has areas for improvement as per guest reviews. The WiFi connection was described as poor and unstable, and there were complaints about the lack of English language skills among some staff. There was also feedback about the absence of breakfast and certain toiletries. Noise from the nearby road and tram station was noted, particularly in rooms closest to the tram station. Guests also mentioned that rooms can get too hot in certain months due to non-adjustable heating, and the bathroom cleanliness was highlighted as a critical factor.

The Hotel Taxis Bratislava is commended for its good location that provides easy access to the train station and city center. The clean, albeit small rooms are considered adequate for the price, and the breakfast is described as cheap and tasty. Reception staff are reported to be friendly and helpful. Amenities such as fresh, clean towels, and the provision of an included breakfast have been appreciated by guests.

Despite the value for money, guests have pointed out several areas for improvement. The hotel's old-fashioned furnishings, very small rooms, and lack of heating were among the complaints. Some guests found the beds uncomfortable, and others reported issues with the toilet flush not working. The rooms are described as needing an upgrade, and some guests mentioned that there were no staff at the reception after 10 pm, which could potentially be a problem for late arrivals.

Retro Hotel Suza is an establishment housed in an old building with an impressive retro architecture that offers a nostalgic south Slavic feel to guests. Despite being quite large and equipped with basic amenities like TV and refrigerator in the rooms, it is also notable for its amazing views. Its cleanliness, quiet location, and free parking make it an attractive option for travelers. Some guests have particularly mentioned the great views from the balcony and the professional and friendly staff.

However, the hotel has received mixed reviews, with some criticisms directed towards its need for renovations and upgrade. It is located far from the city center, though there is a nearby bus station. The absence of a restaurant and breakfast service may not appeal to some, while others have remarked on the old facilities, small bathrooms, and the lack of certain amenities like a kettle, air conditioning, or balcony furniture. Despite these issues, the hotel offers value for money and is considered a suitable choice for a short stay or for guests who prefer a simplistic accommodation option.

The Hotel Galeria pre sebarozvoj s ubytovaním Motýlí dom offers a unique accommodation experience with its colourful and original architecture. Located very close to the station and just a short walk from the city center, it attracts guests with its creative and interesting ambiance. The rooms, though small, have been described as having a nice feel to them, and the availability of beer in the fridge downstairs is a noted perk. Some guests appreciated its 'quirky' nature and found it to be good value for money.

However, the hotel has received criticisms on several fronts. The cleanliness of the hotel has been questioned, with complaints about the presence of ants, lack of proper curtains, and need for a deep clean. Some guests found the rooms to be too hot and others mentioned the lack of maintenance and upkeep. Issues regarding the service provided by the staff were also noted, as well as a lack of standard amenities like bath towels. Nevertheless, for those who fancy staying somewhere with a different vibe, this hotel might just be the right choice.

The best hostels in Bratislava

Schöndorf Hostel - virtual reception

CHORS like a hotel - 1st World NFT Block & Art Capsule Hostel MetaCHORS

Hyde Park Hostel

Wild Elephants Hostel

Hostel Folks provides a comfortable and clean stay for guests with its simple and pleasing decoration. The hostel features comfortable beds, heating, a spacious common room, and a well-equipped kitchen. Some guests mentioned that the reception isn't always staffed, which could cause minor inconvenience. Still, the overall cleanliness, great location, friendly staff, and budget-friendly prices overshadow any minor drawbacks. The hostel bathrooms are divided by gender with multiple showers, providing guests with more convenience. A notable mention is its strategic location, offering easy access to the old town and other popular attractions. However, a few guests expressed the desire for 24-hour check-in and more constant staffing at the reception.

Schöndorf Hostel - virtual reception impresses guests with its cleanliness, particularly in the restrooms which are consistently stocked with toilet paper. The self-check-in concept may be a new experience for some, but guests have reported it to be smooth and efficient. The rooms are spacious, bright, and the beds are very comfortable, with curtains providing extra privacy. The hostel's prime location near the city center and a short walk from the main railway station adds to its appeal. Despite its central location, the hostel remains quiet, with a simple solution to close the windows and turn on the A/C to mitigate any noise from the street. Suggestions for improvements included adding more shelves and hooks in the rooms and bathrooms, and fixing minor issues with the showers and the A/C. You can experience the modernity and convenience of Schöndorf Hostel - virtual reception.

At the CHORS like a hotel - 1st World NFT Block & Art Capsule Hostel MetaCHORS, visitors can expect a clean, cozy and artistic ambience that makes it stand out from your typical hostel. Reviewers were particularly impressed with the capsule design and the spaciousness, making it a great value for money. Some enhancements such as a raised platform in the showers and fans in the shared capsules are suggested. The staff are praised for being awesome and the array of art is another attractive feature. However, there was a slight issue with noise and light control in the rooms.

Despite a few minor hiccups like the top bunk being hard to reach and the locker not being cleaned before arrival, the overall experience was wonderful. Many guests found it extremely comfortable and well-located, even comparing it to a hotel rather than a hostel. It is also conveniently located near the old city and Bratislava castle, with a close proximity to public transportation.

Hyde Park Hostel offers visitors a central location and great value for money. Notable features include a single room with a private bathroom, electric kettle, refrigerator, hairdryer and utensils. The host couple is praised for their friendliness and willingness to help. A few guests commented on minor inconveniences like needing an extra towel or finding it slightly difficult to locate the hostel.

Despite these minor issues, the overall experience was highly praised, with many guests highlighting the clean, well-equipped accommodation and the excellent value for money. The location is conveniently central, close to the old town and tourist attractions. The neighborhood is also quiet, which is ideal for travelers looking for peace and quiet.

Described as a party hostel with a heart, Wild Elephants Hostel offers a unique experience for those looking for fun, interaction and memorable activities. The hostel has a prime location right in the old town and is praised for the daily cleaning of rooms and common areas. Despite the party atmosphere, it remains a peaceful place for a good night's sleep with comfortable beds. However, some guests suggested that more bathrooms would enhance the overall experience.

The hostel staff, particularly Matthew, were highly commended for their friendly and helpful approach. Evening activities and dinners were highly appreciated, though some guests commented on the noise level. One drawback mentioned was the absence of hair dryers and shampoo. Despite these minor issues, many guests expressed a desire to book again, praising the communal atmosphere, the varied activities and the dedicated staff.

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