The Best Hotels in Bucharest


The best 5 star hotels in Bucharest

Suter Palace Heritage Boutique Hotel

Marmorosch Bucharest, Autograph Collection

Epoque Hotel - Relais & Chateaux

InterContinental Athenee Palace Bucharest, an IHG Hotel

Conacul Coroanei Luxury Boutique Hotel

Located in an artfully designed historic building, Suter Palace Heritage Boutique Hotel offers visitors a unique stay. This hotel receives high praise for its friendly and professional staff, exquisite on-site restaurant, and stunning views of the city from the terrace. Guests particularly appreciate the hotel's distinctive architecture, spacious rooms, and excellent service. Some guests, however, noted that the location is a bit far from the city center and the air conditioning in some rooms could be improved.

The Marmorosch Bucharest, Autograph Collection is a sumptuous hotel nestled in the city's historic center. Its grand interior, attention to detail, and dedicated staff have won the hearts of many guests. Key features include a spectacular restaurant, cosy and comfortable spa area, and an art deco styled cocktail bar. Despite a few hiccups with communication over messaging services and occasional slow service at the bar, the overall guest experience is highly positive. The hotel's cleanliness, great food, and the special services of the housekeeping team are also noted.

Positioned in the heart of Bucharest, the Epoque Hotel - Relais & Chateaux is a top-tier hotel known for its exceptional service, stunning decor, and serene setting. Guests commended the friendliness of the staff, the superb breakfast, and the overall cleanliness of the establishment. The well-located hotel has tastefully decorated spaces and the staff's attentiveness ensures a memorable stay for all visitors. However, guests noted a few drawbacks such as the excessive heat and the unwelcoming smell in the gym/spa area.

The InterContinental Athenee Palace Bucharest, an IHG Hotel is a popular choice for guests due to its prime location, comfortable rooms, and dedicated staff. Visitors have praised the breakfast spread and the helpfulness of the staff, singling out Antonia and Vasile for their exceptional service. The hotel boasts a swimming pool and a sumptuous breakfast among its standout features. However, a few guests pointed out that the breakfast choices could be improved.

The Conacul Coroanei Luxury Boutique Hotel is another extraordinary hotel offering unique experiences with its special design, great location, and outstanding service. Visitors appreciated the grandeur of the hotel, the comfort and cleanliness of the rooms, and the host's welcoming hospitality. The hotel has been described as a gem, taken care of with heart and detail. Some guests noted that the hotel was not soundproof and the breakfast was a bit monotonous, yet the overall impression is highly positive.

The best 4 star hotels in Bucharest

Tomis Garden Aparthotel Bucuresti

Le Blanc ApartHotel

Athina Suites Hotel

La Boheme Hotel

The Tomis Garden Aparthotel Bucuresti wins hearts with its friendly staff, high-end interior design, and impressive cleanliness. Several visitors enjoyed the cosiness of the space, appreciated the comfortable beds and covers, and found the rooms bright and spacious. The 24/7 front desk, a commendable breakfast, and the soothing colours of the hotel were also highlights for the guests. A few guests remarked on the hotel's somewhat remote location from the city centre but mentioned affordable and convenient taxi services as a handy alternative.

Despite its distance from the city centre, guests highly recommended the Tomis Garden Aparthotel for its immaculate interior design and superb staff services. Some mentioned minor inconveniences such as the occasional electrical outage and slightly unclear WiFi instructions. Other notes of improvement include managing the overhead shower spray, which tended to wet the bathroom floor. Nonetheless, the overall impression of the hotel remains positive, with guests looking forward to revisiting the quiet, comfortable, and clean environment.

The Le Blanc ApartHotel is a popular choice among visitors due to its host's warm hospitality, great amenities, and excellent value for money. Guests found the apartment clean with a nice-sized TV, fast internet, and a washing machine among other conveniences. The location is an advantage with proximity to the city center and subway. Despite a few minor issues with bathroom details, the spacious rooms with tall windows allowing plenty of light won over the guests.

The Le Blanc ApartHotel receives consistent praise for its cleanliness and coziness. Some guests found minor issues, such as inadequate electric plug availability and a non-functional laundry service. Furthermore, small details such as unstable bathroom sinks and broken amenities were pointed out as areas for improvement. However, the prime location, availability of private parking, and proximity to metro and tram stations largely overshadowed these minor drawbacks. Guests also appreciated the additional perks like hairdryer, slippers, and robes. Despite a few hiccups, most visitors recommended the hotel for its large, clean spaces, and ideal location.

The Athina Suites Hotel is often described as perfect by guests, who found the rooms comfortable and homey, the staff friendly, and the amenities, such as charging points for mobile phones, quite convenient. The rooms are spacious with a modern design, and the hotel offers excellent breakfast options. Guests especially enjoyed the large balconies and the quietness of the hotel. Some even found the staff's sense of humour entertaining, adding a unique touch to the overall experience.

Despite the restaurant's unavailability for dinner due to events and its somewhat remote location from the city center, guests were overwhelmingly positive about their stay at Athina Suites Hotel. The apartment's size, cleanliness, and the availability of good Wi-Fi were key highlights. Some guests found the need to pay extra for parking and the hotel's distance from the city center to be minor drawbacks. However, these did not significantly detract from the overall high-quality experience at this hotel.

Described as resembling a castle, the La Boheme Hotel receives high praise for its excellent location, friendly staff, and clean, well-furnished rooms. It's situated across the road from the Old Town and close to Parliament, making it an ideal choice for those wishing to explore the city. Guests highlighted the high-quality restaurant and outdoor seating area, as well as the original 1914 building's charm and art touches.

Although some guests noted that breakfast could start earlier and offer more variety, and that the shower was a bit small, the overall consensus was extremely positive. The attention to detail, availability of good coffee all day, and the quiet, comfortable rooms with large TVs were appreciated. The slight discomfort due to shorter beds and early closing of the restaurant were minor inconveniences in an otherwise enjoyable stay.

For those looking for a unique, comfortable, and friendly stay, Templum Clava might be the perfect choice. Praise abounds for the hotel's beautifully restored old building, excellent breakfasts, and helpful staff. Guests also enjoyed the added touches like a coffee machine and slippers in the rooms. The high level of cleanliness and the quiet neighbourhood, easily accessible to the old town, also contribute to a positive experience.

Despite minor issues such as limited English spoken by the staff and some unexplained buttons in the room, guests highly recommend Templum Clava. One suggestion for improvement was the addition of a safe in the room. Even with a few rooms lacking a view and others not sufficiently dark due to missing curtains, guests found their stay excellent overall and the hotel beautifully restored, with exceptional staff and a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

The best 3 star hotels in Bucharest

Villa Nobel Boutique Hotel

Matisse Bucharest Old Town

Aparthotel Blend City Center

Victoriei City Studios

Villa Nobel Boutique Hotel is highly recommended for its warm welcome, accommodating service, and beautiful decor. Guests felt immediately at home with the host's warm welcome and were pleased with the cozy and elegantly designed rooms. Though some guests had to skip breakfast due to early departures, the offer was much appreciated. The location, considered ideal and safe, coupled with the charming design reflecting a pre-war Romanian lifestyle, was a highlight.

Reviewers overwhelmingly recommend the Villa Nobel Boutique Hotel, citing the cleanliness, comfortable rooms, and friendliness of the staff. The quiet neighborhood and the hotel's proximity to city center amenities, like restaurants and bars, were additional advantages. Guestrooms were praised for their size, comfort, and the availability of refreshments. Some feedback pointed out the noise from inconsiderate guests, especially in rooms near the entrance.

The Matisse Bucharest Old Town hotel offers clean, spacious rooms and comfortable beds, making it a preferred choice for families. Regular patrons appreciate the consistent cleanliness, friendly staff, and well-designed space. However, guests pointed out that parking can be challenging. The hotel's prime location, near popular destinations, and helpful staff significantly contribute to its appeal.

Guests found the Matisse Bucharest Old Town to be classy, tastefully decorated, and equipped with all family needs, despite the lack of a coffee machine, microwave, and toaster. The flat's size and modern decor were standout features. However, some guests experienced noise from a nearby dance club and found the lighting in the bedroom to be inadequate. The lack of ironing facilities and full-length mirrors were other minor points of criticism.

The Elysium hotel boasts an excellent location close to the city center and a very responsive staff. The spacious, clean rooms and the ability to check-in with a code for convenience were praised by guests. Repeat visitors appreciated the changes made over the year, noting the enhanced comfort of the beds and sofas. Some found the location initially secluded but later realized its proximity to bars and restaurants.

Overall, the Elysium hotel was found to be well-appointed, clean, and exceeding guest expectations. The manager's accommodating nature, especially for late check-ins, was appreciated. Reviewers found the apartment spacious and the staff friendly. The TV signal was considered adequate but not exceptional. Regardless, the hotel's positive attributes far outweighed this minor issue, leading to a highly favorable overall evaluation.

The Aparthotel Blend City Center stands out for its exemplary customer service and communication, with guests noting the staff's readiness to assist, even upon early check-in. Despite some initial difficulty with navigation, the staff was quick to help. The hotel's strong internet connection, cleanliness, and personal coffee service are added perks. However, guests cautioned future visitors about the lack of an elevator and potential noise from other rooms if doors are left open.

Reviews for the Aparthotel Blend City Center highlight its prime location, well-equipped suites, and the peaceful ambiance. Some guests noted difficulties with the front door, but the quick response and assistance from the host mitigated this issue. Other highlights include spacious, light-filled rooms, and an easy self-check-in process. Despite some criticism regarding the shower design and a lack of parking, the overall impression of the hotel is positive, with guests particularly enjoying the onsite coffee shop.

Victoriei City Studios is lauded for its clean rooms, excellent location, and delicious breakfast service. The owner's attention to detail and the room's spaciousness were greatly appreciated by guests. Its proximity to the metro station and the new furniture also add to the charm. Although there were a few issues with air conditioning, guests were overall pleased with the experience, citing the secure surroundings and a welcoming atmosphere.

Guests of Victoriei City Studios appreciated the quiet surroundings, the staff's friendliness, and the facilities provided for long stays. Some noise disturbances were reported, and vegetarian breakfast options were requested. However, these concerns did not overshadow the hotel's merits, including its clean, comfortable rooms and breakfast service. Return guests noted the familiarity and comfort the hotel provides, and most would recommend it to others visiting Bucharest, thanks to its excellent location and large, well-lit rooms.

The best budget hotels in Bucharest

Hotel Sir Orhideea

Hello Hotels Gara de Nord

The Hotel Sir Orhideea is applauded for its cleanliness, friendliness of staff, and close proximity to the metro station. Its location makes it an excellent choice for those arriving at the North Railway station, with just a short ten-minute walk. The hotel's quiet and clean rooms are also worth noting. However, a few guests mentioned occasional issues such as a bad smell from the sewage and potentially dangerous stairs without clear signage. Some mixed experiences were reported regarding housekeeping services.

Guests appreciated the hotel's value for money, its location, and overall comfort. They particularly noted the friendly and helpful staff, and good facilities that the hotel provides. Though there were some complaints about the WiFi connectivity, the cleanliness and comfort of the room made up for it. With its great beds, the hotel caters well to short stays, despite having a somewhat old-fashioned feel.

The Hello Hotels Gara de Nord comes highly recommended for its convenient location right next to the train station, good staff, and clean rooms. Breakfast at the hotel was appreciated, and the quick walk from the train station is a great benefit. However, a few guests noted encountering many inebriated individuals on the way to the hotel. There were also some complaints about basic rooms and a leaking shower.

The price point of Hello Hotels Gara de Nord matches what you get - easy access to the metro station, 24-hour reception, and friendly employees. Some drawbacks mentioned by guests include the Wi-Fi signal, soap quality in the shower, and lack of bathroom privacy due to the door design. Some guests also reported issues with pillowcases and door locks. Despite these minor setbacks, the hotel's excellent location and breakfast offerings, coupled with its clean, modern rooms, make it a good choice for those needing to be close to the railway and metro stations.

The Hotel EOS is recognized for its excellent location, surrounded by many transportation options including trams and buses, making it a mere 15 minutes away from Bucharest's old town. Guests have praised the hotel for its cleanliness and service, where rooms are cleaned daily and towels are changed. The hotel has a reputation for being quiet and comfortable with friendly and helpful staff. Additionally, the hotel's Greek tavern was also highlighted as a notable feature.

Despite a few minor issues, such as dated-looking rooms and thin walls, the Hotel EOS is well-regarded by guests for its service and value for money. The hotel does seem to have a noise problem due to a nearby tram, and some guests have reported issues with the hotel's stairs. However, the hotel's friendly staff, clean and comfortable environment, and excellent location have made it a popular choice for many travelers, particularly those looking for a budget-friendly stay.

Historically beautiful but unfortunately not well maintained, the Hotel Triumf is praised for its staff and location. It is situated in a beautiful area of Bucharest and the staff is lauded for their friendliness and helpfulness. The hotel itself gives off an interesting atmosphere, harking back to the post-WW2 era in Romania. Despite some comments about rooms being a bit dated and not very clean, guests have enjoyed the ambiance and the hotel's location.

Despite its age, the Hotel Triumf is appreciated for the warmth of the rooms and its affordability. The availability of parking, coupled with its historical charm, makes it an interesting choice for many guests. Some guests have noted that while parts of the hotel are in need of renovation, it still meets basic expectations of cleanliness and service. The hotel could potentially be an extraordinary location with major investment, but as it stands, it delivers a unique, historical experience.

Guests at the Hotel Taco appreciate the cleanliness of the accommodations and the value for the price, citing helpful staff as a key feature. The hotel offers reserved parking and is attentive to guests' needs. Despite its age, as indicated by worn furniture and walls, guests found the staff to be extremely friendly and helpful. They also commended the hotel's location, ideal for those transiting Bucharest en route to the Black Sea, with several supermarkets in the area.

Despite a few drawbacks such as broken tiles, damaged furniture, and wifi issues, the Hotel Taco continues to offer good quality for the price. The breakfast, although simple, is fresh and filling. The hotel's decor, described as an antique boutique museum, adds to its charm. The 24/7 check-in desk and very friendly staff are appreciated by guests who need to stop and rest for a night during their journey. Given its affordability and unique atmosphere, the Hotel Taco remains a popular choice among travelers.

The best hostels in Bucharest

Bread&Breakfast is highly regarded for its superb location within walking distance of main attractions, bus stops, and subways. Guests appreciated the spacious, warm, and clean rooms and bathrooms, as well as the quiet and cosy communal area. The kitchen, well-stocked for tea and coffee and warming food, was praised for its cleanliness. The friendly and helpful staff contribute to an overall homely atmosphere. An added bonus for many guests is the anytime checkout, making mornings less rushed.

Despite some noise from the neighboring café during evening hours, the consensus among guests was overwhelmingly positive. The excellent quality-to-price ratio, easy check-in process, and well-thought-out shared facilities, such as large showers with dry areas for clothing, were particularly appreciated. Although some guests noted minor inconveniences such as low room ceilings, thin walls, and unattended reception during off-hours, these did not significantly detract from their experience. The hostel's proximity to the city center and cleanliness were widely praised, making it a highly recommended option for travelers to Bucharest.

Bedsy is renowned for its immaculate cleanliness and hospitable environment, thanks to the fantastic hosts, Carmen and Fernando. The hostel is described as comfortable and peaceful, featuring brand new facilities including mattresses, sheets, pillows, showers, and furniture. Notably appreciated by guests is the fast internet throughout the hostel, making it a suitable choice for remote workers. The availability of personal charging sockets by each bed, free coffee, and a welcoming common area were praised by guests, adding to the homely feeling.

Guests unanimously agreed that Bedsy is one of the best hostels in Bucharest, often highlighting the comfort of the beds, the cleanliness of the toilets and showers, and the safety of the facilities. While the hostel is a 15-minute walk from the city center, guests didn't mind the distance due to the quality of the services and the value for money. The minimal kitchen, which includes a refrigerator, was deemed sufficient for basic needs, and the complimentary coffee was a bonus. The bathrooms were appreciated for their cleanliness and modern style. Some guests noted the hostel's ability to maintain the 'brand new' feeling, further enhancing their stay.

HOSTEL SPORT BUCHAREST is celebrated for its friendly environment, resembling a large family house. The cleanliness of the place and the equipped kitchen were appreciated by the guests, along with the shower cabins and bathtubs. The staff is reported to be lovely and helpful, contributing to the overall positive experience. While the beds are comfortable, some guests noted a need for more height for the lower bunk beds for increased comfort.

The hostel offers several facilities such as multiple bathrooms, a backyard with a seating area, a terrace for smoking, a kitchen, two large living rooms, and filtered tap water. Some guests mentioned the convenience of being near a bus stop and within walking distance of Old Town. Despite some minor issues like a lack of curtains in the bathrooms causing wetness and an odd shower position, overall, guests considered their stay a good experience. The presence of air conditioning was recommended for future improvements. However, the availability of free tea, coffee, sweets, snacks, and locker keys for luggage storage added value to the guests' stay.

Hostel JAZ is appreciated for its simplicity, cleanliness, and friendly service. The helpful staff promptly attends to all requests, and the hostel's ambiance is praised. Guests found the small outdoor area an excellent place to enjoy good weather, coupled with great coffee. Even though it's slightly out of the city center, the hostel's quiet location was well-received. The convenience of having a kettle in the room and being allowed to use the private kitchen under special circumstances were notable highlights.

Guests were pleased with their stay at Hostel JAZ, mentioning the cleanliness, professionalism of the staff, and its location within a 15-minute journey to the "old city". The hostel is in proximity to good restaurants and has easy access to the Metro. However, some guests pointed out minor issues such as sporadic Wi-Fi reception and the lack of a chair in one of the rooms. Furthermore, a suggestion was made to clean rooms twice a week and not to use bleach for washing the sheets due to an unpleasant smell.

T5 Social is lauded for its prime location, friendly staff, and spacious rooms. The hostel is conveniently close to the parliament, the old city, and a few metro stops from the bus station. Travelers appreciated the lockable storage space for large luggage and the well-equipped kitchen. Notably, the hostel offers daily activities for guests and features various common areas for relaxation. Despite the need for bathroom and shower renovations, they were considered functional and clean.

T5 Social is recognized for its lively atmosphere and fantastic ambiance, making it an ideal choice for solo travelers looking to socialize. The garden with the ping pong table and the comfortable seating spaces are cherished by guests. While breakfast service was suggested for improvement, the hostel's commendable features such as its social activities, excellent staff, and location outweigh the minor drawbacks. The daily events contribute to a real community vibe, and guests appreciated the special attention from the staff, such as helping with luggage on arrival.

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