The Best Hotels in Cazin


The best budget hotels in Cazin

Motel "KULA" is situated in the serene locale of Cazin, boasting an outdoor pool, a well-recommended restaurant, and complimentary WiFi access. Guests are welcomed into rooms with seating areas and private bathrooms equipped with showers and hairdryers. Additional amenities include bed linen and, for those looking to indulge in recreational activities, a tennis court, games room, children's playground, and opportunities for cycling, horse riding, and fishing are available. Many reviewers highlight the motel's proximity to nature and praise the large pool, green surroundings, and the establishment's overall accessibility.

The reviews for Motel "KULA" are a blend of positive and negative feedback. While guests have been highly pleased with the spaciousness of the rooms and the dedicated staff service, some have pointed out issues with noise, particularly from wedding parties, as well as thin walls causing disturbances. The hospitality received notable commendation, with instances like the management accommodating a room change for guests during noisy events. Furthermore, guests appreciate the delicious and generous servings at the restaurant, the children's playground, and the leisure activities available. However, prospective visitors should be aware of potential disturbances and inconveniences such as charges for pool usage and occasionally malfunctioning payment systems.

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