The Best Hotels in Debelets


The best budget hotels in Debelets

Eco Complex Sherba

Eco Complex Sherba is an environmentally conscious resort nestled in the village of Grozdiovo, encompassed by dense forests. It prides itself on its commitment to sustainability, using recyclable materials throughout its spaces, creating a serene and natural atmosphere. Guests can enjoy the Sherba Restaurant which boasts a menu of both Bulgarian dishes and international cuisines, all crafted from fresh, local ingredients. For those looking for relaxation, the hotel's modern spa offers a variety of amenities including a steam bath, sauna, hot tub, and a fitness centre.

The accommodation itself showcases a blend of tradition and comfort, with rooms designed using dark wooden furniture, wooden floors, and equipped with amenities such as air conditioning and satellite TV. Reviewers consistently praise the resort for its cleanliness, cozy atmosphere, delicious food, and the tranquillity it offers. The enchanting location, coupled with the warm and friendly staff, further adds to the charm of the establishment. Though the breakfast offerings received mixed reviews, the majority of guests felt their overall experience was positive, with many expressing a desire to return.

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