The Best Hotels in Dubrovnik


The best 5 star hotels in Dubrovnik

Hotel Bellevue Dubrovnik

Rixos Premium Dubrovnik

Boutique Hotel Kazbek

Villa Dubrovnik

Hotel Excelsior

The Hotel Bellevue Dubrovnik comes highly recommended for its friendly staff, stunning sea views, and its comfortable, high-quality rooms. Many guests found the opportunity to open their patio doors to the sea breeze particularly enjoyable. The hotel's excellent restaurant and modern, clean facilities only add to its appeal. However, some guests have noted that the umbrellas at the beach could be of better quality.

Reviews also celebrate the hotel's outstanding restaurant, Vapor, for its great food and spectacular seaside views. The hotel's staff are highly praised for their attentive, helpful, and friendly service. The minor criticisms some guests mentioned include the beach cafe, which they found quite ordinary in comparison with the rest of the hotel, and the lack of streaming services available in the room.

The Rixos Premium Dubrovnik is another popular choice among guests. It boasts a beautiful location with beach access, a pool, stunning views, and a clean, renovated room environment. The hotel also offers a range of facilities including a gym, an indoor pool, a spa, and various dining options. Some guests, however, felt that the food at the breakfast buffet was not up to standard.

Many guests were especially fond of the hotel's location which is within a 15-minute walk to the Old Town, and the excellent staff who were warm, friendly, and welcoming. There are a few areas that guests felt could be improved, including the carpeting and painting, and the high prices of food and drinks within the hotel. Overall, Rixos Premium Dubrovnik is highly appreciated for its excellent views, facilities, and staff, making it a great choice for any stay.

The Boutique Hotel Kazbek is highly lauded by guests for its beautiful ambience, incredible staff, and delicious food. Its quiet, private, and luxurious setting, along with a lovely pool, makes for an enjoyable stay. The spacious rooms and communal areas, along with the historic atmosphere, are noted to add a unique charm to the property. Moreover, the breakfast served is reported to be excellent, and the staff is commended for their exceptional service. However, some guests found that the windows of the second-floor bedrooms were rather high, causing some inconvenience.

The Kazbek's location is also appreciated as it's a walking distance away from nice restaurants, the Lapad Beach, and even the old town. Additionally, despite construction work going on nearby, guests reported no disturbances, proving the tranquil setting of the hotel. The sauna and pool areas are found particularly enjoyable. In all, the Boutique Hotel Kazbek offers a blend of old-world charm with modern facilities, promising a memorable stay.

The Villa Dubrovnik is well-loved for its amazing staff, food, and incredible accommodations. It offers spotlessly clean premises and a fabulous location. Notwithstanding, some guests thought the toiletries in the rooms could be better, and a few mentioned difficulties with the ladder from the water. Some guests also found the room service menu and the bathroom fixtures in need of an update.

The Villa Dubrovnik is praised for its stunning interiors and personalized service, with many guests particularly appreciating the hotel's amazing views. Though some guests mentioned they would prefer an outdoor pool, the hotel's stylish, clean rooms, and its quiet but close-to-town location made up for it. Overall, with a location so special, a staff so attentive, and a setting so stylish, Villa Dubrovnik is highly recommended by most of its guests.

The Hotel Excelsior is celebrated for its fantastic staff, great location, and top-notch facilities. The staff, in particular, have been highlighted for their professionalism and helpfulness during emergencies. The hotel offers stunning views of Dubrovnik's old town, a huge breakfast buffet, and fantastic sea pool and indoor pool. It's also within a short walk to the historic town center.

Guests found their stay at the Hotel Excelsior to be an amazing experience, thanks to its attentive staff and adorable views. The hotel's location right on the water, a few blocks from the entrance to the Old City, and its fantastic amenities were other highlights for the guests. However, some guests felt that the price of the rooms was a bit high and that there could be more vegetarian options on the menu. Despite these minor drawbacks, the excellent location, beautiful setting, exceptional staff, and top-quality services make Hotel Excelsior a favorite among its guests.

The best 4 star hotels in Dubrovnik

City Hotel Dubrovnik

Boutique Hotel Porto

Royal Neptun Hotel

City Hotel Dubrovnik is noted for its exceptional cleanliness, comfortable and spacious rooms, and friendly staff. A convenient on-site parking facility and satisfying breakfasts are among the positive features mentioned in multiple reviews. In addition, the hotel's excellent location close to the marina, cruise port, and a short bus ride from the old town has been greatly appreciated by guests. However, some reviewers pointed out that the rooms could benefit from tea and coffee facilities.

Despite some initial hiccups in communication regarding airport pick-up, guests found the staff, including Ana, Mia, Petra, Tom, Malden, and Dragana, to be extremely helpful and accommodating, and the food offered at the hotel's restaurant was highly praised. A few guests expressed dissatisfaction with the cleanliness of certain areas, but the majority of reviews indicated a satisfactory level of hygiene. All in all, visitors to the City Hotel Dubrovnik can expect a comfortable, convenient, and pleasant stay.

With a spectacular sea view and helpful staff, Hotel Kompas provides guests with an unforgettable experience. The excellent location, comfortable beds, and delicious food are among the highlights noted by previous guests. The proximity to the beach and the stunning views from the hotel, along with excellent customer service, provide a unique charm to this hotel. However, some guests noted that the Wi-Fi strength could be improved.

The hotel's location is also perfect for seaside walks and offers easy access to the sea via a stepladder. The nightly live music on the patio adds an extra touch of charm. Despite some minor criticism, guests praised the chic and modern decor, the friendly staff, and the stylish and comfortable rooms. The breakfast was highly appreciated by all guests, making Hotel Kompas an excellent choice for any traveller.

Boutique Hotel Porto earns high praise from guests for its friendly staff, tasty breakfast, and clean, cozy rooms. Located near the marina, it provides easy access to various restaurants, though some guests have found the hotel's own restaurant options somewhat limited. Nonetheless, the staff is known to be accommodating, with several reviews noting their helpfulness.

The hotel's convenient location, a short walk or Uber ride away from the old town or marinas, combined with its modern design, are points of attraction for many guests. A few reviewers have mentioned a slight mustiness from the air conditioning when first turned on, and some noise when windows are open due to the busy area. However, these issues seem to be minor when compared to the overall positive experience at Boutique Hotel Porto. The availability of a box breakfast for early departures is another thoughtful service appreciated by guests.

Hotel Lero is frequently praised for its location, comfortable rooms, and delightful breakfast. It's conveniently located within walking distance to the old town and beach, making it an ideal choice for guests who want to explore the area. The hotel staff are highlighted for their helpfulness, adding to the positive experience. It also offers easy access to public transportation, with a bus stop directly outside the hotel for those who prefer not to walk.

Despite some minor criticisms about the room amenities and breakfast variety, guests find the overall stay to be very enjoyable. They appreciate the spacious rooms and clean environment, and highlight the hotel's excellent breakfast choices. The hotel's location is particularly popular due to its proximity to the beach and old city, which provides a balanced vacation experience. Some visitors recommend the bar service, whilst the occasional criticism mainly revolves around bathroom privacy and tea-making facilities.

Royal Neptun Hotel earns high praises for its stunning location, attentive staff, and excellent facilities. The hotel offers beautiful sea views and a great variety of breakfast options. Guests appreciate the available swimming facilities and the quality of rooms. Some visitors particularly enjoyed the unique 'dressing room area' in the rooms. The location of the hotel, perched over the sea, provides a tranquil atmosphere that guests seem to love.

Although there were a few minor gripes about housekeeping and the quality of food at some of the hotel's restaurants, guests generally express a desire to return. A few issues mentioned included the size of the rooms and a lack of clear communication about breakfast options. Some visitors also noted the hotel's location is slightly remote, with prices a bit higher than the old town. However, despite these minor inconveniences, the hotel's beautiful setting and top-notch facilities make it a popular choice among travelers.

The best 3 star hotels in Dubrovnik

Hotel Vimbula - Komolac

Art Hotel Dubrovnik

Hotel Aquarius

Club Dubrovnik Sunny Hotel by Valamar

Hotel Vimbula - Komolac is a modern establishment located in a serene and picturesque river valley, surrounded by nature. The hotel stands out with its excellent accommodations, including large rooms with comfortable beds and spotless bathrooms. The location provides a quiet escape from the bustling city of Dubrovnik, but with a conveniently located bus stop, guests have easy access to the city center. Additional amenities include a high-standard restaurant, a cozy lounge area, and a stunning outdoor space for dining. There's also a marina nearby with a swimming pool and children's playground.

Reviewers frequently praise the hotel's prime location, its cleanliness, and the quality of the breakfast. The staff also receive high marks for their hospitality and helpfulness. The surrounding area is applauded for its tranquility and beautiful views, and the convenience of nearby public transportation is a significant advantage. Some guests noted the presence of many cats, which could be an issue for those who aren't fans. The on-site restaurant received mixed reviews, with one reviewer mentioning slow service during dinner time. English-speaking TV channels were missed by some, but this was not generally deemed a crucial point.

Hotel Ivka is a comfortable, convenient, and well-managed hotel near the city center of Dubrovnik. The hotel offers a range of amenities including a quiet resting environment, spacious bathrooms, an underground garage for extra safety, and a rich variety of breakfast options. Despite its location close to the city center, the hotel maintains a peaceful ambiance, ideal for visitors seeking rest. It's close to great local restaurants and offers easy access to the old town.

Reviews often highlight the helpful and friendly staff, spacious rooms, good breakfast, and the hotel's cleanliness. Some guests mention issues with an unstable WiFi connection and noise from rooms near the street. There is also feedback regarding the high price point of the hotel and a lack of certain amenities such as shampoo and body lotion. Despite its age, the hotel is appreciated for its homely feel, professional staff, and its excellent management. However, some guests have noted that parts of the hotel, particularly the bathrooms, could benefit from a renovation. The location, despite being a bit far from Dubrovnik old town, is appreciated for its accessibility via local buses and free parking provision.

Art Hotel Dubrovnik is a charming hotel boasting an amazing view and a great location out of town, near the beach. The property offers comfortable beds, a tasty breakfast, and the quietness that guests appreciate. The hotel is surrounded by good restaurants, and it has a convenient local bus service. The rooms, especially those with a view, provide a great visual experience for guests. However, some guests note that the bathroom could be better laid out considering its size.

Reviews highlight the friendly staff, delicious breakfast, and perfect location. Some guests had to deal with the challenge of climbing many stairs to reach the hotel, which could be difficult if you have heavy luggage. Some found the presence of insects, specifically centipedes, in their rooms. The views from the hotel are often described as stunning, both during the day and at night, contributing to a romantic ambiance. Overall, it seems that the location, coupled with the service and breakfast, make for an enjoyable stay at Art Hotel Dubrovnik.

The Hotel Aquarius is ideally located for exploring Dubrovnik, being within walking distance to the bus stop that takes you to the Old City, and a short walk from Sunset Beach. It has a beautiful outdoor pool and patio, and it's surrounded by numerous restaurants. The hotel's rooms are spacious, clean, and come with comfortable beds. Guests praise the excellent breakfast, the friendly staff, and the overall peacefulness of the location.

However, some guests noted that certain facilities like the bar and swimming pool were not available due to being off-season. Some found the view from their room unsatisfactory, looking out to a wall, while others noted a lack of some amenities like a room safe or tea/coffee making facilities. Despite these minor issues, the location, cleanliness, and helpful staff receive consistent praise. A few reviewers suggested that the hotel needs renovation, which is reportedly planned.

Club Dubrovnik Sunny Hotel by Valamar is a family-friendly resort offering a wide range of amenities including meals, pool, kid's club, and easy access to a beach. Located a short bus ride away from the Old Town, the hotel also provides a serene environment for relaxation. Guests especially recommend the sea view rooms for their spectacular views. The pool and snack bar are also highly appreciated.

While some guests mentioned room service was not satisfactory, and the restaurant menu was repetitive, most reviews spoke positively about the property. The buffet is praised for its variety, the rooms for their cleanliness and comfort, and the pool area for its beauty. The hotel's location, while not central, is appreciated for its tranquility and its easy access to the Old Town. Overall, the hotel appears to be a good choice for a relaxing family vacation.

The best hostels in Dubrovnik

Hostel Angelina Old Town

Hostel 365 For U

Hostel Free Bird

Hostel EuroAdria

Hostel Angelina Old Town is a highly recommended, centrally located hostel in Dubrovnik. It stands out for its clean and comfortable rooms, friendly and helpful staff, and strong sense of community. Most guests loved the social aspect of the hostel, highlighted by the organisation of social events and a WhatsApp group for guests to communicate. The hostel is noted to be in the heart of the old town, close to a supermarket, with a great rooftop terrace offering an excellent spot to relax. However, it may get a bit crowded at times, and the common spaces could be insufficient, especially during rainy days.

The hostel receives positive feedback for its cleanliness, with rooms equipped with air conditioning. Some guests especially appreciated the strong water pressure in the showers. Regular activities organised by the staff were a favourite feature among the guests, enhancing the overall hostel experience. There were minor criticisms regarding the early closure of the kitchen and terrace, and difficulty in finding the place due to lack of proper signage. However, these were largely overshadowed by the overall positive experiences and praise for the hostel staff, specifically Milan and Alex.

Hostel 365 For U is praised for its clean, modern accommodations, and friendly staff. It is conveniently located 20 minutes from the bus station and old town and is close to some nice beaches. Although slightly farther from the city centre, guests have recommended it as a budget option. The spacious rooms, good Wi-Fi, and curtain-covered beds added to the convenience and privacy of the stay.

The hostel kitchen, however, was a point of contention among guests, with some suggesting it could benefit from refurbishment and the addition of a cooker. The sound insulation was also reported to be poor, leading to disturbances from noise in the common areas. One significant suggestion for improvement was the inclusion of keys or cards for the bedroom doors, as they currently remain open. Despite these small concerns, the overall reviews were overwhelmingly positive, with one guest labelling it as the best hostel they had ever stayed in, largely thanks to the friendly staff and comfortable facilities.

Hostel Free Bird is celebrated for its cleanliness and comfort. The hostel provides large lockable lockers for all guests along with keys for the rooms, ensuring optimal security. The staff is praised for their attentiveness and helpfulness, especially during any problematic circumstances. However, some guests wished for better kitchen facilities such as a stove or hob for proper meal preparation. Despite the hostel's distance from the Old Town (a 30-minute walk), guests appreciated the quiet environment for a good night's rest. The hostel also has a well-equipped outdoor terrace for guests' leisure.

As for potential downsides, it's a bit far from the city center which might not appeal to those who want to be right in the thick of the action. Some also mentioned that the common areas were a bit limited and could be improved by adding more seating spaces. Overall, the Free Bird Hostel is a nice and clean place to stay, with helpful staff and good facilities, although some improvements could be made in terms of amenities and location.

Hostel Sol is noted for its convenient location, particularly close to the bus terminal, and its wonderful sea views. Guests found the hostel to be clean with comfortable beds and spacious bathrooms. The customer service is highly praised, with the staff going the extra mile to ensure guests have a delightful stay. However, some guests expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of the pillows and the Wi-Fi speed.

Despite some minor drawbacks, including some cleanliness issues in communal areas and an unpleasant smell in the lower part of the building, most guests enjoyed their stay at Hostel Sol. The hostel's proximity to both the ferry and bus terminals is a major plus, especially for guests with mobility challenges. However, the internet connectivity seems to be an issue that needs attention. In conclusion, Hostel Sol is a practical and comfortable choice, especially for those prioritizing location and good customer service.

Hostel EuroAdria receives high marks for its convenient location, cleanliness, and the welcoming receptionist, Carlos. Its proximity to the bus terminal is appreciated by guests, along with the comfortable beds and a not-too-cramped room environment. Carlos, the receptionist, is highly praised for his friendly demeanor, wealth of local knowledge, and his ability to foster a relaxing, happy environment for guests. Nevertheless, the hostel's small public space and lack of cooking facilities were cited as areas for improvement.

While some visitors pointed out that the hostel is a bit noisy in the morning and quite a distance from the old city, most enjoyed their stay. The rooms are clean and the staff, especially Carlos, is very welcoming and informative. However, there is no cooking facility available, and the public space is limited. On balance, Hostel EuroAdria offers a warm welcome, good facilities, and an excellent location near the bus station and port, making it a solid choice for travelers to Dubrovnik.

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