The Best Hotels in Egilsstaðir


The best 4 star hotels in Egilsstaðir

Hérað - Berjaya Iceland Hotels

Hérað - Berjaya Iceland Hotels is strategically located in Egilsstadir, just a short 5 km distance from the famed Lagarfljot River. The hotel prides itself in offering guests a host of amenities including a terrace bar, 24-hour room service, and rooms equipped with Wi-Fi, satellite TV, and wooden flooring. For gastronomy enthusiasts, the in-house restaurant at Berjaya Hérað showcases a diverse menu specializing in fish, Icelandic lamb, and the rare delicacy of reindeer steak. To make commutes hassle-free, guests are afforded the luxury of free parking. And, for those looking to explore, its vicinity to Route 1 ring road, a well-trodden trail for tourists, and the stunning Hengifoss waterfall makes it an ideal base.

Feedback from guests paints a picture of satisfaction, especially noting the comfort of the beds and pillows, as well as the surprise of high-quality bathroom products. The staff earns commendation for their kindness and helpfulness, and additional amenities such as standard tea and coffee facilities and free parking add to the experience. Breakfast and the hotel's proximity to attractions such as Bok Baths and a nearby supermarket are also appreciated. While some guests found the lack of a fridge in the room a bit lacking for a 4-star hotel and noted occasional issues like smells in the bathroom and erratic WiFi, the overall sentiment is positive. Many were pleased with the spacious and modern rooms, excellent food and service at the restaurant, and valuable travel tips from the staff.

The best 3 star hotels in Egilsstaðir

Hótel Valaskjálf

Hótel Valaskjálf boasts a prime location in a serene part of town. This establishment ensures guests are treated to fresh, cozy en-suite rooms that come with complimentary Wi-Fi connectivity. Nestled on the edges of the River Lagarfljot and in close proximity to the Hallormsstadur forest, visitors are surrounded by nature's bounty. This includes magnificent waterfalls, dense forests, and sparkling lakes. For the adventurous spirit, the surrounding areas provide ample opportunities for rafting, horseback riding, golf, hiking, Jeep safaris, and boat tours.

Guest reviews highly commend the hotel's breakfast, praising it for its quality and variety. The strategic location of Valaskjálf is a highlight, with attractions such as a library right across the street and a petrol station complete with snacks and a pizzeria within a short 5-minute walk. For those interested in a more luxurious experience, renowned baths in the city come highly recommended by previous visitors. While many guests appreciated the modern amenities and praised the on-site restaurant, some felt the bathrooms were somewhat dated. Overall, the staff's friendliness, excellent dining options, and the rich breakfast menu seem to win most guests over, making their stay in Egilsstadir a memorable one.

The best hostels in Egilsstaðir

Húsey Hostel & Horsefarm

Tehúsið Hostel

Húsey Hostel & Horsefarm is nestled 55 km away from Egilsstadir, offering cozy accommodations within family rooms. Notably, each room comes with a shared bathroom inclusive of a shower. Visitors can indulge in a myriad of activities, including hiking, which offers an opportunity to soak in the untouched beauty of Húsey. Moreover, Egilsstaðir Airport is conveniently located just 52 km away from the hostel. Guests have highly praised the authentic Icelandic ambiance of the place, noting the well-preserved farm-like setting, equipped kitchen, and the numerous bathrooms. Moreover, the horse riding experience, even for beginners, is touted as a real treat. Although a few guests pointed out the low water pressure in showers and the somewhat remote location, most found the journey worth it for the authentic experience, the opportunity to interact with animals, and the breathtaking views.

Visitors have continually praised Húsey Hostel for its genuine character. The establishment boasts an authentic old Icelandic farm setting, where guests can engage with horses and witness seals and reindeer. Many travelers have highlighted the warm hospitality, breathtaking location away from the main road, and the farm's unique charm. The hostel's remote setting might require some preparation for the journey, but as reviews indicate, the magical experience and pristine nature more than compensate for it. Additionally, the well-equipped kitchen, spacious living areas, and the panoramic views from the dining area have all garnered positive remarks. Many visitors particularly noted the heartwarming welcome they received upon arrival and the camaraderie among travelers from all over the world.

Tehúsið Hostel stands proudly in Egilsstadir, offering guests a plethora of amenities including a shared lounge, terrace, a restaurant, and a bar. This charming accommodation, situated around 34 km from Hengifoss, ensures a comfortable stay with free WiFi and is a mere 24 km away from Gufufoss. A notable highlight is the availability of karaoke and a communal kitchen. The guest rooms are equipped with a seating area and share a bathroom that comes with a shower and a hairdryer. Every room offers a picturesque city view and is furnished with bed linens and towels. For the adventurous, the area surrounding the hostel is perfect for hiking and skiing, and they also provide bike rentals. The proximity to Egilsstaðir Airport, just 2 km away, is another advantage.

Guest reviews for Tehúsið Hostel have been largely positive. Visitors frequently mention the impeccable cleanliness, comfort, and the privacy offered by curtains on the beds. Many appreciated the warm atmosphere and friendly staff. A few did raise concerns about the functionality of the showers, citing issues with water pressure and temperature controls. Additionally, some guests felt that the kitchen area was somewhat compact. Despite these minor setbacks, the majority of reviews rave about the hostel's attractive interiors, the comfortable beds, and the well-maintained facilities. The hostel's ambiance, combined with its location and attentive staff, have made it a favorite among travelers. However, prospective guests are encouraged to be prepared for some minor inconveniences, such as a warm room temperature during summer nights, which might require window adjustments for improved air circulation.