The Best Hotels in Florence


The best 5 star hotels in Florence

Portrait Firenze - Lungarno Collection

Hotel Lungarno - Lungarno Collection

Four Seasons Hotel Firenze

Helvetia&Bristol Firenze – Starhotels Collezione

The Portrait Firenze - Lungarno Collection hotel captivates guests with its elegance and central location in Florence, with the best shopping area and most popular plazas within a short walk. Its contemporary design, stunning river view, exceptional service and luxurious rooms are the talk of the town. Guests are particularly delighted by the room upgrade to a suite, and the Nutella pie in the breakfast buffet is a must-try. The staff, led by Adele, Francisco, and Matteo, offers unmatched hospitality and are consistently noted for their friendliness, professionalism, and resourcefulness. Even the housekeeping and porter staff receive high praise for their attention to detail and their prompt and polite service.

At the Hotel Lungarno - Lungarno Collection, guests are treated to stunning views of the river and bridge, accompanied by artistic decor and a delicious food menu. The hotel’s location is highly favorable, being close to several attractions and surrounded by local bars and restaurants. While the service at breakfast can sometimes be slow during peak times, the food quality and the superb service offered by the staff make up for it. Some guests have mentioned hearing noises from adjacent rooms, suggesting that sound insulation could be improved. Despite this, the hotel continues to charm its guests with its fantastic location and accessible design.

Four Seasons Hotel Firenze is a luxury haven that leaves its guests in awe with its historic architecture, beautifully maintained gardens, and opulent interior decor. Visitors are treated to a magnificent breakfast and the highest standards of hospitality. The stunning gym overlooking the garden and the beautiful spa overlooking the pool elevate the guests’ experience to another level. The rooms are described as "amazing" and "fabulous", with exceptionally large bedrooms and bathrooms. However, there are minor maintenance issues that could be improved. With frescoes adorning the suites and an impressionable lounge, the hotel remains one of the most expensive yet memorable accommodations one could stay in.

Villa Cora stands out as a serene sanctuary with stunning historical architecture and exceptional service. This property guarantees a memorable stay with amenities such as shuttle service to town, electric car chargers, and a peaceful location. Guests speak highly of the breathtaking rooms, fantastic food, and the spa treatment. The hotel's restaurant, Le Bistrot, is recommended for its delicious meals, crafted by chefs Alessandro Liberatore and Loca Tendino. However, the hotel’s massage service is a point of improvement. Regardless, the majority of visitors have an overwhelmingly positive experience with the beautiful property and the dedicated staff, and consider it one of the most beautiful hotels they've ever stayed at.

At the Helvetia&Bristol Firenze – Starhotels Collezione, guests are charmed by its ideal location, welcoming staff, and comfortable rooms. Its convenient proximity to various attractions makes it a favored choice among travelers. A delightful feature is the Cibreo restaurant, which offers a comfortable ambience and excellent food. The accommodation is also commended for the new building with spacious, comfortable rooms that include thoughtful touches such as complimentary fresh berries and prosecco on arrival. Although, a few guests express dissatisfaction with the high cost of valet parking, breakfast selection, and uncomfortable furniture in some suites. However, the overall consensus is that it's an excellent place to stay in Florence, offering a wonderful spa, friendly staff, and top-notch facilities.

The best 4 star hotels in Florence

Arte' Boutique Hotel

Hotel Calimala

The Moon Boutique Hotel & Spa

The Hotel Spadai is praised for its prime location, dedicated staff, and excellent breakfast. Guests appreciated the staff's attentiveness to dietary needs and the consistent high quality of service. The rooms are lauded as modern and clean, and the complimentary mini bar and toiletries added a high-end touch. While the lack of on-site laundry facilities proved a minor inconvenience for some, the staff's willingness to find a solution underlines the exceptional level of service provided. Despite its cost, guests considered the hotel's breakfast to be one of the best in Europe, and its location perfect for sightseeing and dining out.

Arte' Boutique Hotel earns high marks for its modern, well-equipped rooms, helpful staff, and central location. The hotel's boutique nature and beautifully designed interiors were also a highlight. Guests particularly valued the larger beds and air conditioning, which provided comfort for a great night's sleep. While some found the shower space a bit tight and access to the hotel slightly challenging, the overall experience was overwhelmingly positive. The staff's exceptional service and personalized attention during the happy hour were noted as a highlight of many guests' stay.

Guests of the Hotel Calimala give high praise to the excellent location, exceptional staff, and the hotel's unique design choices. Its central location makes it a preferred choice for many travelers, and the staff's friendly and helpful nature adds to the charm of the hotel. Although some guests found the rooms a bit small for the cost, the beautiful decor, cleanliness, and comfort received ample appreciation. Some guests noted that the location can be a bit noisy due to city bustle, but the overall experience was decidedly positive, with many planning to return for future visits.

Guests have commended Hotel Milù for its superb central location, meticulous cleanliness, and comfortable accommodations. The staff's exceptional service is often noted, with Letizia standing out as a star performer. Even though some guests found the room size and layout slightly inconvenient, especially with large luggage, the staff was always ready to provide solutions. The breakfast spread, available 24/7 coffee machine, and complimentary minibar were well-received amenities. An appreciated feature is the rooftop lounge, perfect for unwinding after a day of sightseeing. A minor suggestion from guests was better communication regarding luggage storage and retrieval. Despite minor concerns with sound isolation, guests recommend the hotel for its prime location and helpful staff.

The Moon Boutique Hotel & Spa stands out for its modern, elegant design, comfort, and clean facilities. The hotel's rooms are reported to be quiet with good temperature control and darkening curtains, making for a comfortable stay. The staff received high praise for their helpful and friendly nature. Some guests noted minor issues with limited clothes storage space and the absence of international plug connections near the bed. However, these didn't significantly detract from the overall positive experience. The location, while a short walk from the city center, was still appreciated by most guests. The on-site spa was also a hit amongst visitors. Guests highly recommend this hotel, praising it as excellent value for money.

The best 3 star hotels in Florence

Hotel Davanzati

4F Boutique Hotel Florence

Hotel Ungherese Small Luxury Hotel

Morandi alla Crocetta

Visit the Hotel David for an unforgettable experience. Located not far from the old city, this hotel offers a peaceful and restful setting that facilitates conversations with other guests. The rich breakfast served on the terrace, coupled with a very helpful staff and adorable rooms, makes it stand out. It also offers perks such as a convenient parking spot, a beautiful garden, and a special "happy hour" that brings guests together socially.

The reviews emphasize the excellent assistance from the reception staff and the warm, welcoming atmosphere. Although the location is a 20-minute walk to the center, the tranquility of the place and the friendliness of the staff make it a preferable choice. The only downside mentioned is the mosquitoes in the gardens. However, overall, the quality of service and the attention to detail at Hotel David is comparable to a 5-star hotel experience.

Hotel Davanzati is the perfect choice for travelers seeking a centrally located accommodation. Situated near all major tourist destinations, the hotel boasts of a clean, well-equipped facility, and an incredibly friendly and accommodating staff. The breakfast here is highly praised, along with the fancy coffee offered, contributing to a satiating experience that leaves guests feeling content till dinner.

Reviews point to the superb location, the attentiveness and friendliness of the staff, and the comfortable, well-equipped rooms. The hotel makes guests feel welcomed with its friendly atmosphere and additional treats like coffee and cake in the afternoon. It's worth noting that some guests may find the stairs from the street to the entrance a challenge, but the staff is always ready to help with luggage. All in all, the level of service, the comfort of the rooms, and the prime location make Hotel Davanzati a highly recommended stay in Florence.

4F Boutique Hotel Florence is the perfect location for an amazing, luxurious stay. The hotel is praised for its spacious, well-designed, and clean rooms, its friendly and helpful staff, and its quiet location by the Arno river, yet close to the city center. It is further loved for its creative and beautiful décor and the stunning view from the rooms. The hotel offers an exquisite breakfast and features a roof-top with a breath-taking view of the Duomo.

The reviews are overwhelmingly positive, praising the kind staff, the clean and beautifully designed rooms, and the amazing breakfast. A minor issue raised by a few is the occasional drainage smell due to the hotel's proximity to the river, and the external car parking arrangement can be inconvenient for some. However, the overall experience at the 4F Boutique Hotel is painted as nothing short of excellent, with the beautiful view, fast Wi-Fi, and unique furnishings adding to the charm.

The Hotel Ungherese Small Luxury Hotel is known for its exceptional staff, especially Alberto, who is highly praised by guests. The facilities are described as attractive, clean, and well-maintained. The hotel offers a beautiful courtyard and a delicious breakfast. While a little distance from the city center, this seems to add to its charm as it provides a peaceful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Guests have highlighted a few minor inconveniences such as the lack of an iron board, some noise in the corridors, and the small size of the toilets. However, the cleanliness, friendly staff, and the fresh breakfast more than make up for these. The hotel is also appreciated for its lovely decor, comfortable rooms, and high-quality finishing touches. The only significant downside noted is its slightly removed location from the main attractions of the city.

The Morandi alla Crocetta is an excellent choice for those seeking a hotel with lots of character, great location, and highly attentive staff. The hotel boasts of excellent service, particularly Roland who is described as amazing and attentive. It is located close to the city center but still provides a quiet retreat. The rooms are spacious and well-equipped with all necessary facilities, and the hotel's interior is appreciated for its beauty.

Reviews depict the hotel as having an authentic Italian feel, and the breakfast room, communal areas, and bedrooms meet expectations. It is located within walking distance to several popular attractions in Florence and is surrounded by charming cafes and restaurants. However, some guests felt it was a little farther from the main area of town and the view from the front was lacking. Despite these minor issues, the Morandi alla Crocetta is highly recommended for its location, service, and overall charm.

The best budget hotels in Florence

Hotel Bencidormi

Hotel Emma Small Luxury Hotel

Hotel Delle Camelie

The Hotel Bencidormi is often praised for its great location and friendly staff. It's situated near the city center and tramway, making it a perfect base for exploring Florence. Visitors appreciate the clean rooms, the luggage drop-off service, and the daily housekeeping. Some guests mention the occasional noise from the corridor and other rooms, as well as the small size of the showers. However, the hotel's staff, particularly owners Roberto and his wife, are often mentioned for their helpfulness and hospitality. The hotel's proximity to popular sites like the Duomo and various museums, along with local restaurants, makes it a preferred choice. The overall mood lighting and comfort, combined with its affordability, makes it highly recommended by travelers.

Hotel Nella receives high marks for its superb location near the train station and outside the ZTL, offering convenience for travelers. The rooms are described as cozy and clean with comfortable beds, and the staff, particularly Alejandra and Roberto, are consistently praised for their outstanding service and helpful recommendations. Some visitors mention the bathroom being outside the room as a minor inconvenience, but also note that it remains private with a personal key. Despite a few rooms being described as a bit small and the challenge of several flights of steps, the hotel's cleanliness, comfortable facilities, and the warm welcome from the hosts, make it a highly recommended place to stay. The location in the city center, with easy access to various attractions and restaurants, is a big draw for guests.

The Hotel Emma Small Luxury Hotel garners positive reviews for its spacious, comfortable rooms and friendly staff. The general atmosphere of the hotel is cozy and quiet, providing a tranquil haven after a day of exploring Florence. Although the hotel lacks an elevator, this inconvenience is balanced by the staff's willingness to assist with heavy luggage. Breakfast on the terrace is a highlight for many guests, and the cleanliness and contemporary furnishings are frequently complimented. Some guests note the location is a bit far from the city center, but others view this as a bonus, offering the chance to explore the city beyond tourist-crowded areas.

Guests at Hotel Delle Camelie heap praise on the modern, renovated rooms and the courteous, helpful staff. Its close proximity to the city center and train station is another plus. Guests laud the cleanliness, comfortable bedding, and the peace and quiet that enable a good night's sleep. Despite some issues with booking payments and the need for a wider breakfast selection, guests have nothing but positive words for the hotel's service, location, and facilities. They particularly appreciate the hotel's modern amenities and its tranquility despite being in the heart of the city.

The Hotel Orcagna receives high praise for its exceptional staff, comfortable rooms, and convenient location. It is within a 15-20 minute walk from the city center, and close to several excellent restaurants. Guests commend the complimentary breakfast for setting a great start to their day. Despite complaints about mosquitos, guests generally report a positive experience, noting the cleanliness, modern design of rooms, and the helpfulness of staff. Guests also appreciate the view of the Duomo from certain rooms and the easy access to the city center.

The best hostels in Florence

Ostello Bello Firenze

YellowSquare Florence

Hostel Archi Rossi

Emerald Palace

Guests have showered praises on Ostello Bello Firenze for its strategic location, cleanliness, safety, and the congenial staff. Solo travelers, in particular, appreciated the hostel's efforts to organize activities promoting social interaction. The Jazz night stood out as a memorable experience. While some found the rates slightly high for a shared space, most guests seemed to appreciate the value received, including clean and well-equipped dorm rooms, spacious showers, and regularly serviced amenities. The outdoor terrace and the hostel's kitchen, with its food availability and fridge space, were also major hits amongst guests. A minor downside mentioned was the room sharing with messy counterparts, but overall, guests recommend this hostel for its exceptional location, friendly staff, and fantastic amenities.

My Friends is widely acknowledged for its excellent location, cleanliness, and friendly staff. Guests particularly appreciated the assistance provided by the staff, especially Monica, who helped them navigate the city and its attractions. Unique features such as the availability of food for breakfast and pasta for self-cooking were well received. While the number of bathrooms in the female section of the hostel was seen as slightly inadequate, guests felt the hostel compensated with comfortable beds and ample room. The convenience of storing luggage, having access to basic foodstuffs, and the proximity to SMN train station and local attractions were highly appreciated. Despite the lack of privacy in rooms, guests recommend this hostel for its central location, helpful staff, and excellent value for money.

YellowSquare Florence shines as a social hub for travelers, offering an energetic, lively atmosphere alongside a modern and clean space. Guests celebrate the hostel for its extensive facilities including a rooftop pool, a garden, and well-equipped kitchen. A unique touch that travelers appreciate is the security box beside each bed. The hostel's provision of fun daily activities has helped many guests to experience the city and make new friends. Despite being a bit distant from the main city center, its easy access to public transportation, makes the location fairly manageable. A word of caution for early sleepers or those seeking tranquility; this hostel has a vibrant nightlife scene, which might not align with all preferences.

Appreciated for its spacious rooms, great location, and warm hospitality, Hostel Archi Rossi presents a balance of comfort and convenience. The garden area with comfortable seating is a favored spot for relaxation. Notably, guests find its location, nestled between the central station and the historic center, highly convenient. The private rooms are equipped with all necessary amenities, making the stay comfortable. On the downside, some guests encountered weak Wi-Fi signals in the rooms and found the beds uncomfortable. Nevertheless, the hostel's character, value for money, and proximity to attractions make it a popular choice among travelers.

Emerald Palace stands out with its strategic central location, spacious rooms, and friendly staff. Guests are enamored by the gorgeous views from their rooms and the close proximity to major attractions. The hostel's tranquil atmosphere, heightened by the high ceilings and stone floors, is well appreciated. However, some guests have found it difficult to navigate the premises due to the absence of an elevator and the hostel's cleanliness was noted as an area for improvement. Another downside was the noise from the street-side rooms, which could disturb guests' sleep. Regardless, the hostel's prime location, spacious rooms, and engaged staff seem to offset some of these minor issues.

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