The Best Hotels in Hornbæk


The best 4 star hotels in Hornbæk

Hotel Bretagne

Sauntehus Castle Hotel

Hotel Bretagne, set amidst the coastal beauty of the seaside town of Hornbæk, affords stunning views of both a serene lake and the Øresund Strait. Situated a mere two-minute stroll from Hornbæk Station, guests are welcomed by elegant room décor accompanied by modern amenities such as flat-screen TVs and private bathrooms fitted with complimentary toiletries. The hotel's restaurant, influenced by both Nordic and French culinary traditions, offers monthly menus, ensuring guests can delight in meals with panoramic lake views, whether from inside or the terrace.

Guest reviews consistently emphasize the excellent breakfast and the friendly service accompanying it. The ambiance of the hotel is described as lovely and charming, with many praising its bright and clean rooms. Some guests enjoyed larger rooms with features like comfortable chairs and balconies. While the restaurant's ambitions are appreciated, there is room for improvement in its offerings. There are sporadic concerns regarding amenities such as the lack of shower curtains and audible neighbors, but the overwhelmingly positive feedback highlights the hotel's beautiful setting and the outstanding service of its staff.

Steeped in history, the 1914 Sauntehus Castle Hotel is situated only a short 3.5 km away from central Hornbæk and the Øresund Strait. Guests stepping into this establishment are transported back in time with rooms adorned with canopy beds, antique furniture, and luxurious fabrics. For those with a penchant for modern amenities, many rooms come with complimentary Wi-Fi. The hotel's in-house restaurant serves dishes made from fresh, seasonal ingredients, and guests can indulge in wine-tasting sessions in the castle's cellar every Saturday.

Guest feedback reveals a general appreciation for the attentive staff, beautiful gardens, and the tranquility the castle offers. There are mixed reviews regarding the food with some guests finding the breakfast satisfactory, while others felt it could be improved. Some reviews pointed out maintenance issues like dirty windows and neglected courtyard gardens. Although a few guests reported problems such as poor drainage and minor cleanliness concerns, there's a consensus on the splendid room views and the hotel's prime location, making it a unique getaway close to central Copenhagen.

The best 3 star hotels in Hornbæk

Hotel Hornbækhus

Hotel Hornbækhus is perfectly positioned just 50 metres away from the sandy shores of Hornbæk Beach. Coupled with the convenience of free Wi-Fi and free parking, guests can expect comfortable rooms that boast private bathrooms. Many of these rooms also offer the tranquillity of garden access or the charm of a balcony. Within the confines of this lovely establishment, guests can start their day with a delicious breakfast at the in-house restaurant. Those looking for a unique dining experience can partake in the nightly sharing dinner. The ambiance of the hotel is further elevated with the presence of multiple living rooms, including one with a fireplace that leads to a spacious, furnished garden.

Visitors to Hotel Hornbækhus have lavished praises on its exquisite décor and styling, with many finding it to be one of the most beautiful places they've ever stayed. The proximity to the beach and its picturesque setting only adds to its charm. While the breakfast receives mixed feedback in terms of clarity and service, many guests highlight the meticulous design, cozy ambiance, and the well-organized community dinners. Some noted the absence of certain amenities in the rooms, such as tea-making facilities, but the overall experience is overwhelmingly positive, with descriptions like "cosy," "comfortable," and "meticulously designed" often appearing in reviews.