The Best Hotels in Killorglin


The best 5 star hotels in Killorglin

Killarney Park Hotel

Europe Hotel & Resort

The Dunloe Hotel & Gardens

Muckross Park Hotel & Spa

Aghadoe Heights Hotel & Spa

The Killarney Park Hotel is renowned for its friendly staff, high-quality service, and excellent location. Guests frequently praise the spacious, clean rooms and the hotel's proximity to the National Park. In addition, the on-site dining options have been highly complimented, from the delicious breakfast to the exceptional dishes served at The Peregrine restaurant. A concierge service, spearheaded by the personable and knowledgeable Lee, adds a layer of personalized care to the hotel's offerings. The comfort of the accommodations is further enhanced by the peaceful library area and the lovely swimming pool. However, some guests suggest improvements for the TV options and Wifi. To experience an unforgettable stay, consider booking at the Killarney Park Hotel.

The Europe Hotel & Resort is highly regarded for its stunning location, spectacular views, and exceptional service. Set in a picturesque landscape, guests can enjoy the breathtaking scenery right from their rooms. The hotel also excels in its dining options, with guests praising the delicious food and efficient staff. The spa and pool areas receive high marks, particularly for the fantastic views and the level of cleanliness maintained. Staff friendliness and attentiveness are other highlights frequently mentioned. However, some guests experienced issues related to noise from air conditioning, busy periods leading to long waits, and restrictions due to COVID-19. Despite this, the overall guest sentiment remains overwhelmingly positive for the Europe Hotel & Resort.

The Dunloe Hotel & Gardens is celebrated for its beautiful location, stunning gardens, and well-maintained facilities. Guests particularly appreciate the scenic beauty, friendly staff, and activities such as horse riding, making it a family-friendly destination. The dining area, which offers magnificent views of the Gap of Dunloe, is another high point. Despite minor concerns about confusing signage, the lack of a jacuzzi in the leisure center, and some bathroom features, the hotel's overall performance is commendable. Guests praise the peace and quiet, the cleanliness, and the attentive staff, making The Dunloe Hotel & Gardens an ideal choice for a relaxing getaway.

Muckross Park Hotel & Spa stands out for its enchanting ambience, attentive staff, and superb location. With comfortable beds and delicious food, guests consistently leave positive feedback about their stays. Guests appreciate the available staff and commend the hotel's commitment to maintaining a blend of traditional charm with modern comfort in their rooms. The breakfast is frequently praised, and some guests were pleasantly surprised by a free room upgrade. Minor issues such as room placement and the need for a more personalized welcome are infrequent. If you're looking for a perfect and comfortable stay, consider Muckross Park Hotel & Spa.

Aghadoe Heights Hotel & Spa offers a tranquil getaway with panoramic views of surrounding lakes and beautiful landscapes. The spacious rooms, friendly staff, and quiet location contribute to the hotel's charm. Guests particularly enjoy the views from their rooms and the attentive staff in the breakfast area. However, some guests noted room for improvement in the dinner service and the variety of the restaurant's menu. The comfort of the beds and the hotel's luxurious vibe are consistently praised, despite some mentions of expensive prices. For an unforgettable stay surrounded by nature, the Aghadoe Heights Hotel & Spa is a strong choice.

The best 4 star hotels in Killorglin

Meadowlands Hotel

Killarney Dromhall Hotel

Killarney Avenue

Great Southern Killarney

The Bianconi Inn stands out for its comfortable rooms, excellent location, and high standard of cleanliness. Guests praise the friendly staff, and the on-site tavern is highly recommended, although potential guests should note it can get busy and advance booking is suggested. The food, whether it be the restaurant's main menu or the breakfast selection, has received rave reviews. The rooms are generously sized, well maintained, and the comfortable beds have been particularly mentioned. However, the inn is located roadside, so some traffic noise is to be expected, and it may get a bit stuffy and hot in the rooms during the summer months due to the lack of air conditioning.

Although generally very positive, some guests have pointed out that the inn may not be the best choice for those on a tight budget, given the cost of dining. The room's noise level has been mentioned a few times, mainly due to the traffic. Parking can also be challenging, especially on busy weekend nights. Despite these minor issues, the overall consensus is that The Bianconi Inn offers excellent value for money.

The Meadowlands Hotel is a family-run establishment receiving high praise for its immaculate rooms, comfortable beds, and friendly, attentive staff. The food, both for evening meals and breakfast, is reportedly excellent, with a wide range of choices. The hotel's ambiance is highly rated, and some guests were pleasantly surprised by a room upgrade on arrival. A unique highlight of the Meadowlands Hotel is the rose garden, perfect for a relaxing post-breakfast stroll.

The distance from the town center could be a drawback for those looking to explore, as the hotel is about half a mile away. Another issue mentioned by guests is the non-functioning jacuzzi and incomplete chess set. Regardless, guests have frequently expressed their desire to revisit the hotel, noting that any negative aspects were significantly outweighed by the positive experience overall.

The Killarney Dromhall Hotel impresses its guests with its comfortable, spacious, and well-supplied rooms. Many reviews mention the extremely comfortable beds and luxurious feel. The hotel's location is a bonus as it's within walking distance to the town center and close to various pubs and eateries. Staff are universally praised as accommodating and friendly. Though the hotel appears to have some issues such as the loud noise from the reception door and the lack of a full-length mirror in the rooms, the overall consensus remains positive.

Most reviewers commend the hotel for the excellent breakfast and its beautiful decor. Some guests, however, were less than thrilled with the breakfast's extra cost, considering the room rate. There are also mentions of rooms being hot, particularly on the third floor. A few guests mentioned some minor cleanliness issues with the shower head and noise from nearby construction or roadworks. Despite these drawbacks, the majority of guests found the Killarney Dromhall Hotel comfortable, stylish, and good value for money.

The Killarney Avenue Hotel is frequently described as a wonderful surprise by guests. Its excellent location, near restaurants, pubs, and Killarney National Park, is particularly appreciated. The friendly staff, comfortable rooms, and quality of food have all been singled out for praise. Guests also appreciated the clean rooms equipped with air conditioning, which was particularly appreciated during warm nights.

The hotel does have limited parking space, which some found to be a minor issue, especially for larger vehicles. Another recurrent point of criticism was the lack of a fridge in the room. Despite these shortcomings, the Killarney Avenue Hotel continues to be highly recommended by guests, particularly for its location, staff, and general comfort.

The Great Southern Killarney offers an excellent location right next to the Killarney center. It impresses with its outstanding service, friendly staff, and luxurious, comfortable rooms. Many guests appreciated the attention to detail, from the modern and spacious rooms to the quality of food. The hotel also offers convenient on-site parking, facilitating day trips for guests.

Despite the overall positive feedback, some guests found the room to be quite warm, making sleep a little difficult. The price of the hotel is also seen as steep by some guests. There were also a few instances of guests feeling unwelcome at the hotel bar. However, the majority of guests highly recommend the Great Southern Killarney, praising its grand decor, comfortable bedding, and excellent service.

The best 3 star hotels in Killorglin

McSweeney Arms Hotel

Ballyroe Heights Hotel

McSweeney Arms Hotel receives consistent praise for its ideal location, warm service, and comfortable rooms. Guests find it conveniently located in town and within walking distance of nearly every place, including the bus station. The staff, especially Zita, are frequently recognized for their kindness and helpfulness. Some guests mention that they would appreciate more bottled water in rooms and a bit more toiletry space in the bathroom. The breakfast included in the package is well-reviewed, as are the comfortable beds and spacious, stylishly-fitted rooms. Any minor parking confusion seems easily overlooked by the overall positive experience at McSweeney Arms Hotel.

Ballyroe Heights Hotel impresses guests with its stunning views, comfortable rooms, and helpful staff. Guests commend the big, comfortable beds, well-finished rooms, and nice decor. Many highlight the friendly and knowledgeable staff and the hotel's lovely location. Although some guests mention the need for a car due to the hotel's location, they generally agree that the hotel offers fantastic food and breathtaking scenery. The comfortable and reasonably-priced rooms and overall cleanliness enhance guests' experiences. If you're looking for a place with beautiful views and exceptional staff, consider staying at the Ballyroe Heights Hotel.

The best budget hotels in Killorglin

The Failte Hotel, conveniently located in the heart of Killarney, offers guests an engaging experience of Irish hospitality. The premises are within walking distance of numerous pubs, shops, and restaurants, perfect for individuals looking to explore local amenities. While the hotel maintains the vintage charm of an older establishment, it comes with modern comforts like high-pressure showers. Guests have praised the live music performances in the hotel's pub, which serve to create an authentic, immersive ambiance. The delicious Irish breakfast is a definite highlight, and the friendly, helpful staff add to the overall appeal. However, be ready to climb stairs as there's no lift, which could pose an inconvenience for some. Failte Hotel is an excellent choice for travellers who value location and unique experiences.

While guests have overall reported positive experiences, there are a few considerations to note. Some guests reported challenges with room location, as some are situated above a nearby Indian restaurant, causing food smells to permeate the room. Also, noise from the street or surrounding pubs could be an issue for light sleepers. Some rooms lack certain amenities like body wash, and secondary locks were reported broken in some cases. The rooms are tidy but can be a bit tight, especially for larger families. Despite these points, many guests express a willingness to return due to the superb location and friendly staff. Booking your stay at Failte Hotel provides you with an authentic Killarney experience.

The best hostels in Killorglin

The Black Sheep Hostel

Killarney Railway Hostel

The Black Sheep Hostel has made a strong impression on its visitors with its beautiful garden and friendly canine companions. It is praised for its location in the centre of town, offering a quiet haven with comfortable beds. Guests were particularly impressed by the kind and helpful staff who created a homely atmosphere. However, there were some minor complaints regarding bed comfort, privacy issues, and the constant music in the living room.

The hostel’s garden cottage seems to have disappointed some seeking solitude as it was filled with tents. The staff's interaction with older guests was a let-down for some who felt overlooked in favor of younger guests. Wi-Fi connectivity in the garden was another downside, and some guests thought the hostel could improve breakfast and shower facilities. Despite these points, the hostel's overall cleanliness, friendliness, and the included breakfast received a lot of praise.

Killarney Railway Hostel is appreciated for its charming wooden doors and well-maintained bathrooms. The location is lauded as it is close to the bus station and Killarney centre, and it also offers free parking. Guests appreciated the clean kitchen, pleasant reception staff, and the comfort of the beds. However, some guests found the stove difficult to use due to missing knobs and there were also concerns about cleanliness and noise.

The organization of the hostel appears to need some improvement, with no assigned beds leading to confusion among guests. Some guests also found the noise from the other residents disruptive, and there were comments about blocked shower drains and a lack of ladder or barrier for top bunk beds. The room doors were reported to bang during the night, causing disturbance. The lack of towels, soap, and lined curtains for blocking out sunlight were also listed as areas of improvement. Despite these drawbacks, the affordable price and convenient location make the hostel a reasonable choice for budget travellers.

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