The Best Hotels in Marija Bistrica

Marija Bistrica

The best 4 star hotels in Marija Bistrica

Hotel Kaj is an air-conditioned establishment located on the slopes of Zagrebačka Gora, in the pilgrimage site of Marija Bistrica, approximately 40 km away from Zagreb. Guests are treated to free Wi-Fi access, and the restaurant offers a diverse menu with naturally grown products. There's also a vast wine list featuring over 200 options, both local and international. Patrons can enjoy the terrace with barbecue options, the winter garden, and a lobby bar serving an array of drinks, including wellness fruit concoctions. The hotel also boasts an extensive spa and wellness area that comprises a whirlpool with hydro massages, a selection of saunas, and various beauty treatments.

Reviews highlight the serene atmosphere of the spa area and commend the quality of both breakfast and dinner served. The proximity to Marija Bistrica town center and the nearby church adds to the location's appeal. However, some visitors mention issues with the shower setup causing water spillage and sporadic Wi-Fi connections. There are also observations regarding the absence of tea or coffee-making amenities in the rooms. The size and aesthetics of some rooms were likened to a business hotel, and some wished for more informative brochures about the town. Nevertheless, the hotel's cleanliness and the friendly staff received high praise. Vegan guests appreciated the exceptional quality of the vegan food but felt that the offerings could be labeled more clearly and offer more variety. Overall, visitors find it a comfortable place with a calm ambiance, cleanliness, and an excellent location amidst nature, although there are areas to be improved for a more enhanced experience.

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