The Best Hotels in Pamplona


The best 5 star hotels in Pamplona

Gran Hotel La Perla

The Gran Hotel La Perla is renowned for its incredible rooms, fantastic showers and baths, and for providing a very relaxing environment. The staff are praised for their incredible help, even organizing packed breakfasts for guests leaving early. The hotel's location in the heart of Pamplona and its historical significance are celebrated, although some guests suggested that it could have retained more historic touches after its modern renovation. With a terrace overlooking Calle Estafeta and valet parking, guests had an overwhelmingly positive experience, praising the sumptuous rooms and amazing staff. Some minor details such as single bathrobes for two guests and not fully replenished toiletries were mentioned, however the overall sentiment is of satisfaction and enjoyment.

Alma Pamplona is appreciated for the quality of its food, the diversity of its wine list, and its excellent restaurant service. The reception staff also receive high praise for their outstanding support and assistance. Guests have highlighted the hotel's cleanliness, comfort, and great location. Particularly for guests with cars, the easy access to both the city center and main roads out of Pamplona was beneficial. Guests have enjoyed the spa facilities, comfortable rooms, and lovely location. A key highlight is the large, modern rooms and excellent staff. Despite the overwhelmingly positive feedback, no negative points were reported, confirming the overall comfort and satisfaction of guests at Alma Pamplona.

The best 4 star hotels in Pamplona

Hotel Tres Reyes Pamplona

Hotel Zenit Pamplona

Pamplona Catedral Hotel

NH Pamplona Iruña Park

Hotel Tres Reyes Pamplona has been highly recommended for its excellent location, luxurious and spacious rooms, and great views of the park. The cleanliness and quiet ambiance of the hotel, as well as the friendly and helpful check-in staff, contribute to an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. Several guests have appreciated the well-stocked bathrooms and walk-in showers in the rooms. An upgrade to a suite with a private balcony is available and comes with stunning views over Pamplona. Despite some guests noting average breakfast and late room service, the overall consensus points to this hotel as an excellent choice for a stay in Pamplona.

Conveniently located in the heart of old town, Maisonnave is another favourite among visitors. The hotel’s modern and fresh interior, along with its functioning amenities, have garnered positive feedback. The double rooms with super-sized, comfortable beds and quiet ambiance are a particular favourite. Guests have also appreciated the quick check-in process, good breakfast, and the solution for car parking. Although the hotel overlooks a street which can get loud if windows are left open, the excellent staff service, clean rooms, and a restaurant attached to the hotel make it a desirable place to stay. Some guests have noted that the room could have been improved with a tea tray and kettle, but overall, the reviews express satisfaction with the hotel's comfort and convenience.

Hotel Zenit Pamplona has been praised for its great service, comfortable accommodations, and a spacious, free parking space. The highlight of many guests' stay has been the amazing reception staff, who are noted for their helpful and friendly nature. The rooms, especially the bathrooms, are appreciated for their spaciousness and amenities like tea-making sets and good WiFi. The hotel's restaurant has earned commendations for its delicious breakfast and menu, although some guests have noted it opens late. While some guests mentioned an issue with weak WiFi in certain rooms and a slightly dark lighting in rooms, the hotel still comes highly recommended for its overall comfort, cleanliness, and good breakfast.

With its super central location, Pamplona Catedral Hotel is a favorite among many visitors for its proximity to museums, cafes, and other attractions. The staff have been commended for their helpfulness, and the hotel's accommodations are described as lovely. Many guests have particularly enjoyed the amazing breakfast and the high-quality rooms with great views of the city. The only minor complaint has been the lack of a kettle or coffee maker in the room. Some guests have also noted the overpriced parking and the small elevators, but the overall feedback suggests this hotel is a comfortable and convenient choice for staying in Pamplona.

NH Pamplona Iruña Park is acclaimed for its great location, superb staff service, and clean accommodations. The hotel has received positive remarks for its large clean rooms and bathrooms, extremely comfortable beds, and friendly and helpful staff. The breakfast buffet is appreciated for its variety, although a few guests found it to be slightly expensive. Although there were complaints about the air conditioning system and the absence of room service, the hotel remains a popular choice due to its excellent value, good dining options, and a convenient location in the center of the town.

The best 3 star hotels in Pamplona

Holiday Inn Express Pamplona

Sercotel Europa

Hotel Iriguibel Huarte Pamplona

Holiday Inn Express Pamplona is recognized for its friendly staff, available 24/7 and ready to assist with all needs. Guests have found the rooms clean and beds comfortable, and particularly highlighted the usefulness of secure underground parking for motorcycles. It is in an industrial estate, but the presence of a shopping center across the road with a range of eateries was convenient for many guests. The hotel is about a 15-minute taxi ride from the center of Pamplona, which some found to be far, but the location was ideal for others, especially for its proximity to the motorway. Some feedback indicated the breakfast could be more varied, especially for long stays, and an extra chair in the rooms and an ice machine could be useful.

The hotel has left a positive impression with many guests, who reported they would return. The staff's helpfulness stands out, with several instances noted where they went above and beyond to provide service, including arranging takeaway breakfasts for early departures. The breakfast included in the stay was generally appreciated, though there was feedback that dinner facilities in the hotel would be a welcome addition. Overall, the experience at Holiday Inn Express Pamplona is reported as clean, comfortable, and enhanced by a friendly and helpful reception.

Hotel Yoldi receives excellent reviews for its friendly and helpful staff, comfortable accommodations, and central location. Guests appreciate its quiet atmosphere despite being in the heart of the city. The rooms are praised for their comfort and cleanliness, although some guests noted that bathrooms can be a bit small. On-site dining at the hotel restaurant was considered convenient and enjoyable, but some language barriers were encountered with the restaurant staff. Regardless, the overall experience at Hotel Yoldi is rated highly, with many guests indicating they would return.

At the Sercotel Europa, guests enjoy the professionally run establishment with intricate designs and a central location. Many guests have expressed admiration for the beautiful tiles in the bathrooms and the general decor of the hotel. However, some guests felt that the room sizes were small and navigating steps with a suitcase was challenging. Despite these minor issues, the hotel's location, friendly and helpful staff, and the presence of a Michelin star restaurant on-site make it a favorite among visitors.

Hotel Leyre is highly praised for its superb location, comfort, and fantastic staff. Guests appreciated the spacious and clean rooms, although some noted that they can be a bit noisy and that the walls are not soundproof. Nevertheless, the receptionists received high marks for their exceptional service. Some guests felt that the room could be brighter for working or reading, but overall, guests were satisfied with their stay at Hotel Leyre.

Lastly, guests appreciated the Hotel Iriguibel Huarte Pamplona for its dog-friendly policies, spacious rooms, and helpful staff. The cleanliness and modern design of the rooms were appreciated. However, some guests expressed desire for a wider range of breakfast and dinner options and fresh vegetables. There were also some complaints about noise from the corridor and tight car parking. Nonetheless, the hotel is seen as a good choice for a one-night stay and provides excellent WiFi.

The best budget hotels in Pamplona

Hotel Ciudadela Pamplona

Hostal Arriazu

Hotel A Pamplona

Hotel Landaben

Alda Centro Pamplona

The Hotel Ciudadela Pamplona is highly commended for its friendly staff, clean and comfortable accommodations, and great value for money. The hotel has received special praise for the welcoming and enthusiastic reception team, particularly a staff member named Eduardo. The hotel offers very comfortable beds, spotless rooms, and good Wi-Fi, making for a great stay. The location has been appreciated by the guests as being perfect, and while some guests noted the absence of a kettle in the room, the overall guest experience at Hotel Ciudadela Pamplona has been positive, with guests expressing their willingness to return.

Hostal Arriazu earns high praise for its great location in the heart of the town, clean rooms, and friendly staff. The efficient communication via WhatsApp and the modern facilities have been highly appreciated by guests. Though there was a minor inconvenience regarding the check-in time, the staff were proactive in resolving issues like the temporary absence of hot water. The hostel is noted for its excellent value for money, with extras like a chilled & hot water machine, maps, and a large sitting area contributing to the guest experience. It's a preferred stay, thanks to its great location, clean modern facilities, and friendly reception staff.

The Hotel A Pamplona is appreciated for its friendly staff, clean rooms, comfortable beds, and good breakfast service. While some guests have noted that it's a bit far from the main center and public transportation, they also praised the spacious rooms, good shower, and helpful staff. Additional features such as a small open porch for clothes hanging have been highlighted. The hotel is located in the commercial area of Pamplona and offers a modern and simple setting, though parking might need to be sought on the street. The overall consensus among guests is that the hotel provides a big, clean room and a comfortable stay.

Hotel Landaben impresses its guests with big and comfortable rooms, and great value for money. Although it is located in an industrial park, it's praised for the ample free parking and proximity to grocery stores and a good bar/restaurant. While the location might be far from the center for those without a car, guests have appreciated the high level of care from the hotel host. Despite being in an industrial area, the hotel is described as new, clean, and comfortable. The staff's helpfulness extends to arranging accommodation and seeking ways to save guests money. It's a clean and comfortable stay with nice interiors, although a taxi might be needed to reach the city center.

The Alda Centro Pamplona is praised for its excellent location near the Old City and friendly staff. Guests have noted the hotel's cleanliness, good breakfast, and helpful staff. However, some minor issues like a wobbly toilet and leaky shower door were reported. Despite some difficulty with parking and navigation, the hotel's proximity to the bus and train stations is appreciated. While some guests found the beds short, others enjoyed the good location and views. The staff at Alda Centro Pamplona are noted to be very friendly and accommodating, contributing to an overall positive guest experience.

The best hostels in Pamplona

Hostel Casa Ibarrola

Albergue Plaza Catedral

Plaza Catedral Hostel

Albergue de Villava

Hostel Casa Ibarrola is greatly appreciated by guests for its unique sleeping pods, cleanliness, and welcoming staff. The sleeping pods offer a degree of privacy not typically seen in hostels and are praised by many of the reviewers. The hostel's quietness, comfortable common areas, and clean bathrooms are other high points mentioned by guests. The owner and staff are highlighted for their helpful and friendly attitudes. Despite being a single large sleeping area, which some guests found a bit noisy, overall the hostel receives excellent reviews for its amenities and service.

Albergue Plaza Catedral receives positive feedback for its friendly atmosphere, prime location, and well-equipped facilities. Guests appreciate the abundance of power charging points, free tea and coffee, and helpful staff. The location is praised for its proximity to Pamplona Cathedral and the Camino, making it a popular choice among pilgrims. Some guests reported that it could get noisy due to 24-hour access and the fact that the hostel is shared with many people. Despite this, guests generally enjoyed their stay, particularly noting the well-run nature of the hostel and its clean conditions.

Plaza Catedral Hostel stands out for its prime location, cleanliness, and top-tier customer service. Guests consistently praise the hostel's perfect location, with some rooms even offering views of the cathedral and plaza. The staff are noted for their helpfulness, going above and beyond to ensure everyone's comfort. The rooms are described as spacious, clean, and comfortably decorated. The self-serve breakfast is an appreciated amenity, with a good variety of cereals, milk, hot drinks, toast, and yogurts. The hostel does get some criticism for noise, particularly for rooms close to the common kitchen area, but overall, the Plaza Catedral Hostel is highly recommended for its exceptional service and amenities.

Aloha Hostel is praised for its friendly atmosphere and central location. Guests enjoyed their time with other patrons and found the free breakfast to be a nice touch. The rooms were described as clean, modern, and while some found them a bit small, they were still regarded as comfortable. The staff were highlighted for their friendliness and helpfulness. Some negative points raised include having to pay for a double room when traveling alone, and the proximity of some rooms to bars leading to noise.

Albergue de Villava earns positive reviews for its cleanliness, comfort, and well-maintained facilities. Guests noted the helpful staff and good food at the adjoining restaurant. The hostel's modern facility and the comfort of the beds are appreciated by many. Some negative aspects mentioned include the lack of a food service during certain months and some minimal information provided at check-in. Also, the common area was found to be a bit stark by some. Despite this, the hostel is recommended for its good facilities and friendly staff.

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