The Best Hotels in Seville


The best 5 star hotels in Seville

Hotel Casa Palacio Don Ramón

Radisson Collection Hotel, Magdalena Plaza Sevilla

Hotel Lobby Room Sevilla

Hotel Colón Gran Meliá - The Leading Hotels of the World

Hotel Mercer Sevilla

The Hotel Casa Palacio Don Ramón is praised by guests for its beautiful design and friendly staff. It's described as a splendidly renovated old Riad with Spanish touches, bringing the beauty of the 19th century to life. Guests marvel at the attention to detail, particularly the wooden, decorated ceilings and spacious bathrooms. The property stands out for its cleanliness and its beautiful decoration, including fresh flowers all around. The staff was highly praised for their impeccable manners, professionalism, and kindness.

Located in a central area of Sevilla, this hotel offers easy access to local sights on foot and ensures a quiet stay. Guests highlight that the hotel is very pet-friendly, going as far as preparing a bed with treats for canine visitors. The rooms are noted to be luxurious with quality bed linen and towels. Complimentary bottles of sherry and welcome gifts add an extra touch of hospitality. While breakfast, described as a fantastic a-la-carte service served in a beautiful courtyard, gets glowing reviews, some guests mentioned disappointment with the dinner service at the hotel's restaurant. Overall, Hotel Casa Palacio Don Ramón comes highly recommended by its visitors for a memorable stay in Sevilla.

The Radisson Collection Hotel, Magdalena Plaza Sevilla is highly rated by its guests for its modern design, super-friendly service, and excellent location. Located in central Sevilla, it is within walking distance of the main attractions. The hotel's rooms are described as spacious and comfortable, and the staff as very helpful, going above and beyond to cater to guests' needs. Several reviews praise the hotel's Basque restaurant, while the rooftop pool and luxurious showers get special mentions for enhancing the guest experience.

However, a few minor issues were raised by guests, such as lack of sufficient space for personal items in the bathroom and some oversight in housekeeping for groups larger than two. One guest also found the bathtub too deep. Nevertheless, the hotel's attentive service and excellent location outweigh these minor inconveniences, making it a top choice for a comfortable stay in Sevilla. Whether it's the special delivery of champagne and chocolate tart for a birthday or just the daily excellent service, the Radisson Collection Hotel, Magdalena Plaza Sevilla clearly knows how to treat its guests.

The Hotel Lobby Room Sevilla receives glowing reviews from guests for its stylish decor, excellent location, superb breakfast, and friendly staff. Rooms are described as dark and sexy, with high ceilings, ceiling fans, and equipped with all necessary amenities. A rooftop bar and ground-floor restaurant add to the charm of this hotel. Some guests even say it has the best rooftop bar in all of Sevilla. A particularly unique feature mentioned by guests is the private balcony with a hot tub in some rooms. The hotel also earns high marks for customer service, especially in emergencies, as one guest shared their experience of the hotel quickly connecting them with a public health service.

Despite the largely positive feedback, a few guests raised minor issues. Some found the dark paint in the rooms a little too much, suggesting that brighter colors might make the rooms more inviting. Some guests also found the hotel layout a bit confusing, describing it as a maze of small, dark, connected spaces served by different lifts. One guest mentioned an issue with loud music being piped into every communal space, which could be heard from their room. However, the hotel staff promptly turned down the music upon request. Despite these minor issues, the Hotel Lobby Room Sevilla comes highly recommended by its guests for its excellent service, beautiful decor, and desirable location.

The Hotel Colón Gran Meliá - The Leading Hotels of the World comes highly recommended for its stellar service, great location, and adherence to safety protocols. Guests speak highly of the professionalism of the staff, the attention to detail, and cleanliness. They appreciate the breakfast and the live music in the restaurant. The hotel's concierge service, in particular, receives high praise for going above and beyond in handling issues and offering excellent restaurant recommendations. Additionally, guests appreciate the well-equipped rooms, which include amenities like snacks, slippers, hairdryer, and hygiene kits.

While guests generally have a positive experience at this hotel, a few issues were noted. The pool and spa are reported as disappointingly small, and some rooms are described as small and poorly designed due to the age of the building. However, these criticisms seem minor compared to the overall excellent guest experience. The staff's warmth, the hotel's lovely decor, and its perfect location make it a top choice for a stay in Seville.

The Hotel Mercer Sevilla is lauded for its excellent service, outstanding location, and superb facilities. Guests appreciate the staff's friendliness, efficiency, and knack for making them feel comfortable. Special mentions go to Sylvia, Carmen, Aroa, and Sergio for their excellent customer service. The hotel's proximity to major attractions, along with the luxury of the rooftop pool, make it a perfect choice for tourists. The rooms, particularly the bathrooms, are highlighted as a standout feature, and the hotel's cleanliness is praised.

The hotel makes a concerted effort to cater to guests' unique needs, such as providing specific food items on request and ensuring a clean environment for guests with allergies. Some guests describe their experience at the Hotel Mercer Sevilla as one of the best hotel experiences they've ever had. Whether it's the excellent staff, luxurious ambiance, or the chic yet kid-friendly environment, guests have nothing but positive things to say about this hotel, indicating a strong intent to return.

The best 4 star hotels in Seville

Hotel Gravina 51

Hotel Casa Del Poeta

H10 Casa de la Plata

Hotel Tayko Sevilla

Hotel Ateneo Sevilla

The Hotel Gravina 51 has been praised for its excellent service, stylish decor, and perfect location. With its calm and relaxing atmosphere, this hotel is noted for its attentive and friendly staff who are always ready to assist guests. The rooms are described as spacious, well-equipped, and beautifully maintained. The hotel also boasts a lovely roof terrace and lobby area, adding to its classy ambiance. Its central location is another key selling point, making it easy for guests to explore the nearby attractions.

The guests' experiences at the hotel have been overwhelmingly positive, with the exceptional service and welcoming feel singled out for particular praise. The breakfast served at the hotel is described as 'incredible' and 'excellent', indicative of the high standard of the hotel's amenities. Guests have expressed their satisfaction with their stays at the hotel and mentioned that it is an excellent choice for special occasions, as evident in a guest who chose this hotel for their 20th-anniversary celebration and had their expectations far exceeded. Overall, the Hotel Gravina 51 comes highly recommended.

The Hotel Casa Del Poeta stands out due to its beautiful architecture, excellent location, and extraordinary staff service. The hotel's serene ambiance, combined with a touch of history, is frequently praised by guests. One of its unique features includes a guitar concert every evening, adding to the magical experience. While there was a minor disappointment regarding the availability of amenities in the room and a misunderstanding about breakfast inclusion, the hotel was admired for its cleanliness, warm hospitality, and top-notch services.

Another hotel nestled in the heart of Seville is the H10 Casa de la Plata. This hotel's standout features include its beautifully decorated rooms, friendly staff, and a rooftop pool. Its central location makes it a convenient spot for tourists, being within walking distance of many attractions. Though the hotel received high praise for its cleanliness, comfort, and style, there were a few comments regarding limited space in the pool area and minor inconveniences due to construction work in the pool bar area. Despite these minor issues, the hotel has been widely appreciated for its excellent services and amenities.

The Hotel Tayko Sevilla shines in the heart of the city with its excellent location, friendly staff, and superb dining options. The hotel provides a top-notch experience, going above and beyond to ensure comfort, starting from the moment you arrive with a warm welcome and a glass of Cava. Its beautiful restoration has captured the essence of its 1920s origin, providing a unique mix of vintage charm and modern amenities. Some reviewers mentioned smaller room sizes and slight inconveniences regarding outdoor service, but overall, the hotel was highly praised for its comfortable and well-equipped rooms, variety in breakfast, and proactive staff.

The Hotel Ateneo Sevilla also captures guests' hearts with its unique design, historical ambiance, and attentive staff. This hotel, resembling a museum, offers an immersive experience in Spanish Old World charm. With its fantastic location, guests can enjoy tranquillity while being within walking distance of local attractions. The hotel offers spacious rooms with amenities to match, and the breakfast received high praise for its variety and quality. Minor comments were made regarding parking and lack of in-room coffee facilities, but the overwhelmingly positive reviews highlight the exceptional value this hotel offers.

The best 3 star hotels in Seville

H10 Corregidor Boutique Hotel

Hotel América Sevilla

Ibis Styles Sevilla City Santa Justa

U-Sense Sevilla Centro

Soho Boutique Sevilla

The H10 Corregidor Boutique Hotel is lauded for its friendly staff and great value. Situated in a quiet neighborhood yet within walking distance to significant places, guests enjoy the clean rooms equipped with amenities such as a minibar and coffee maker. Although some guests find the rooms slightly small, the generosity of the bathroom space and daily coffee refill services are highlights. However, it's noted that the location is a bit far from the town and the rooms are considered overpriced for their size. Additionally, guests express dissatisfaction with the coffee served at breakfast.

The location of the hotel is advantageous as it's close to Alameda and a bus terminal. The hotel is highly praised for its very good breakfast, helpful and professional staff, and spacious bathrooms. One of the areas for improvement is noise control, as some guests mentioned noise from the electrical panel in their rooms. Despite some minor inconveniences such as mastering the coffee machine at breakfast and occasional foul smell in the room, the hotel remains a favorable choice for many due to its central location, excellent breakfast, and friendly staff.

The Hotel América Sevilla is praised for its excellent location, very close to the cathedral and other attractions. The hotel offers comfortable accommodations with good sized bathrooms and modern amenities. Guests appreciate the friendly, helpful staff and the rich, tasty breakfast. On the downside, some guests report a lack of English channels on TV, a slightly noisy air conditioner and a drain smell near their rooms. In terms of the breakfast, although most guests find it satisfactory, there are suggestions for more variety in bread choices and improvement in the quality of the cakes.

Known for its welcoming atmosphere, the Ibis Styles Sevilla City Santa Justa is a favored destination for solo travelers. The hotel's location is appreciated for its proximity to the train station and the city center. Notable features include the cleanliness, the casual breakfast setup, and the rooftop pool bar. However, some guests note that the rooms lack tea/coffee facilities and small fridges. There are also mentions of busy breakfast rush hours and the hotel staff's need for more customer service training. The comfortable rooms, good breakfast, and nice terrace are other highlights mentioned by the guests. Despite some occasional noise from nearby bars, most guests express satisfaction with their stay at the hotel.

The U-Sense Sevilla Centro is highly recommended by guests for its prime location, excellent staff, and clean, comfortable rooms. Reviews suggest that it's an ideal choice for travelers interested in exploring the heart of Seville with ease. Guests also commend the property for its good breakfast and outdoor seating on the patio/balcony. However, there are some remarks about small room sizes, noisy air conditioning, and minor inconveniences in the bathroom, such as lack of hooks and shelves. Despite these issues, the hotel's overall value, welcoming staff, and superb location make it a favored choice among visitors to Seville.

The Soho Boutique Sevilla stands out for its friendly staff, tasteful design, and brilliant location. Guests commend the well-maintained and clean rooms, quality bathroom products, and the good coffee maker provided in the rooms. The hotel's reception area impresses guests with its beautiful design. However, guests do note some areas for improvement such as a cramped breakfast room, limited hot water in the showers, and an underutilized room terrace. Despite these points, the hotel's charm, location, and excellent staff are appreciated by guests, making it a recommended spot for travelers seeking a comfortable and convenient stay in Seville.

The best budget hotels in Seville

Petit Palace Vargas

Abril by Pillow

Hotel Boutique La Parada del Marqués

MDD4 Health Experience Hotel - Adults Only

Welldone Quality - Crystal pool

The Petit Palace Vargas is a contemporary, well-situated hotel in Sevilla that impresses with its friendly staff, excellent breakfast, and overall value for money. The hotel is housed in a new building, which ensures top-notch facilities, including efficient air conditioning. Reviewers lauded the cleanliness, hospitality, and location. Special praise was given to the staff, with particular mention of Alberto and Jose, who provided valuable local insights. However, there were minor concerns about noise levels and some rooms being dark due to their internal window views.

Meanwhile, the Abril by Pillow impresses with its minimalist decor, cleanliness, and central location. The hotel is located near lively tapas bars and restaurants, providing an easy gateway to Sevilla's vibrant food scene. Reviewers also highlighted the comfortable beds and commendable staff service. However, there were some criticisms about the size of the rooms, noise levels, and lack of soundproofing. Despite these minor issues, the overall sentiment was positive, making it a viable option for travelers seeking affordable accommodation in Sevilla.

The Hotel Boutique La Parada del Marqués offers a seamless blend of traditional charm and modern aesthetics. Set in an old, characterful building that has been recently refurbished, this hotel is praised for its sparkling clean and comfortable rooms, a rooftop terrace, and its close proximity to the city center. The hotel staff's friendliness and willingness to help stand out in guest reviews. Amenities such as the lounge area, elevator, and in-room tea/coffee facilities enhance guest comfort. However, some guests suggest that room amenities could be further improved and noise from the street could be an issue.

Offering a unique stay experience, the MDD4 Health Experience Hotel - Adults Only is a relaxing retreat set close to Giralda. It is specifically appreciated for its clean and well-designed rooms, rooftop terrace with a pool, and sports facilities. While it's marketed as a yoga hotel, it does not offer yoga classes, but has enough room for individual practice. Some areas for improvement include reception hours and providing shade in the pool area. Despite these minor drawbacks, the hotel offers a calm and relaxing atmosphere that guests particularly enjoy.

Strategically situated, the Welldone Quality - Crystal pool features clean rooms and a convenient location in the town center. Known for its proximity to landmarks such as the Cathedral and Alcazar, the hotel's swimming pool is a highlight among guests. Rooms are functional and modern, and the staff are praised for their helpful and friendly demeanour. However, some guests reported minor maintenance issues and found the lighting in the rooms to be somewhat dark. The hotel's position, however, makes it perfect for city exploration, and its pool is appreciated in the hot weather.

The best hostels in Seville

room007 Salvador Hostel

For You Hostel Sevilla

La Banda Rooftop Hostel

New Samay Hostel

Black Swan Hostel Sevilla

The room007 Salvador Hostel offers a high-quality customer service experience with a stunning modern aesthetic. Guests commend its central location, beautiful interiors, comfortable beds, and overall cleanliness. The hostel's standout features include a spacious common area, a cool rooftop seating area, and air conditioning. However, some guests noted a few minor inconveniences such as lack of bathroom doors and curtains around beds. The absence of a kitchen was also mentioned. Despite these slight drawbacks, guests appreciated the unique Spanish vibe, the helpful staff, and the hostel's proximity to Sevilla's high-end fashion street, making it a popular choice among travelers.

The For You Hostel Sevilla is widely appreciated by guests for its exceptional comfort, cleanliness, and amenities. The hostel has received high praise for its cozy environment, comfortable beds, well-organized common spaces, and a stunning rooftop view. Guests appreciate the hostel's central location and friendly staff. There were few criticisms, one of which included small room sizes. However, the overwhelmingly positive reviews noted the hostel's facilities, ambiance, and the quality of service, making it a top-rated choice for travelers in Sevilla.

The La Banda Rooftop Hostel is renowned for its vibrant social atmosphere and excellent staff. The hostel is commended for its comfortable rooms, nightly activities, and a fun-filled rooftop. The hostel also offers a coworking space, attracting digital nomads and business travelers. Some guests pointed out minor inconveniences such as lack of privacy curtains on top bunks and the need to request for air conditioning. However, the majority of reviews applaud the hostel's sociable environment, great location, and well-organized activities. With its friendly staff and strong sense of community, La Banda Rooftop Hostel seems to be a favorite among solo travelers.

The New Samay Hostel is highly commended for its strategic location, close to many attractions and convenient public transportation. Each bed is equipped with a privacy curtain, light, and power socket, enhancing the overall comfort. The property is maintained in a clean condition, and the staff are friendly and approachable. It features spacious rooms, well-equipped kitchen, and a lovely terrace for guests. However, guests suggested separate toilet and shower facilities in dorms and better noise insulation. Despite these minor improvements, overall reviews are positive with special mentions about its cleanliness, charming atmosphere, and welcoming staff.

At the Black Swan Hostel Sevilla, guests enjoy a welcoming atmosphere courtesy of the friendly staff and well-organised communal activities. This hostel boasts a prime location, super comfortable beds, clean facilities, and an enjoyable social environment. However, some guests mentioned improvements such as better bed lighting, more functional washing facilities, and an open 24-hour common area. There were also mentions of softer pillows and less expensive or free towel services. Despite these slight criticisms, guests had positive experiences, with particular emphasis on the organized activities, helpful staff, and a great chance to meet other travellers.

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