The Best Hotels in Tallinn


The best 5 star hotels in Tallinn

Radisson Collection Hotel, Tallinn

Schlössle Hotel

Hotel Regent Tallinn

Hotel Telegraaf, Autograph Collection

Swissotel Tallinn

The Radisson Collection Hotel, Tallinn comes highly recommended by guests for its excellent service, modern and clean rooms, and comprehensive facilities. The rooms are noted to be stylish and comfortable, including even the spare beds. The breakfast is lauded as outstanding, and the location is conveniently situated, with easy onsite parking available. The hotel also boasts a fitness and spa area that guests appreciate, although it's noted that the spa could use more sunbeds. Room service is available, albeit with a desire for a wider nighttime menu.

Despite the overall positive reviews, some minor issues were pointed out. Some guests reported that the room windows were dirty from the inside, and others mentioned a limited number of TV channels. The spa area was generally clean but had instances of being a bit untidy. The surrounding area outside the hotel was reported to be cluttered due to construction, resulting in some noise, though this was recognized as beyond the hotel's control. Regardless of these minor hiccups, guests generally expressed high satisfaction, noting that the hotel offers great value and is a solid choice for those visiting Tallinn.

The Schlössle Hotel is a favorite among visitors for its excellent location in the heart of Tallinn's Old Town and its unique blend of traditional charm and modern comforts. Guests commend the friendly staff and the delicious breakfast served in the vaulted cellar. The rooms are clean and well-kept, with unique touches such as a window niche with cushions for relaxing. There's also praise for the quality of the toiletries provided and the bathtub-shower combo. However, there were a few concerns about the hotel's policy of keeping room keys at the reception and the atmosphere being a bit too formal for some. A few guests were disappointed with their room allocation, mentioning they didn't get the type of room and view they had paid for.

The Hotel Regent Tallinn is another favorite that has exceeded guests' expectations with its perfect location, excellent customer service, and clean, stylish rooms. The beds are notably comfortable, the bathrooms roomy, and the views delightful. Guests also appreciated the delicious a la carte breakfast, the hotel's spa services, and the welcoming staff. Some guests felt the breakfast selection could be more diverse, but the hotel's other attributes more than compensated for this minor shortfall.

Guests of the Hotel Telegraaf, Autograph Collection appreciate its stylish elegance, friendly and efficient staff, excellent restaurant, and prime location near the main square. The rooms are comfortable and clean, with thoughtful interior designs. Criticisms include a sewer smell from drains in some rooms, slower than desired service at breakfast, and a smaller than expected spa area. However, these issues do not seem to significantly detract from the overall positive experience at this hotel.

The Swissotel Tallinn is a top choice for many visitors to Tallinn. It garners praise for its superb sauna, pool, and rooms, as well as its considerate management and staff. The spacious rooms, delicious breakfast, and excellent location make it an ideal choice for business travelers. Guests also applaud the quick room service and immaculate cleanliness. No significant criticisms were noted for this hotel, indicating a high level of customer satisfaction.

The best 4 star hotels in Tallinn

Hestia Hotel Kentmanni

L'Ermitage Hotel

Oru Hub Hotel Tallinn - Handwritten Collection

Nordic Hotel Forum

Hotel Lembitu Tallinn

Palace Hotel Tallinn, a member of Radisson Individuals

Hestia Hotel Kentmanni is frequently praised by guests as one of their best hotel experiences. The property is lauded for being well-equipped, offering excellent service, and most notably, its amazing breakfast. Its prime location, near the city center with public transportation just around the corner, is a highlight among guests. The hotel stands out for its modern design, comfortable rooms, and the added bonus of a great small sauna and pool area. The rooms are often described as clean, spacious, and comfortable. Guests appreciate the service from the friendly staff, and especially highlighted the efforts of specific receptionists who made their stay more enjoyable. While the hotel has vegetarian options for breakfast, a slight drawback was the unfilled food dishes during the final hour of breakfast. Overall, the Hestia Hotel Kentmanni, with its excellent location, top-notch staff, and comfortable amenities, ensures a memorable stay for its guests.

L'Ermitage Hotel receives high praise from guests for its modern design and comfortable rooms. Its proximity to the city center and public transportation makes it a convenient location for travelers. Some highlights among guests include the excellent breakfast, the cleanliness and spaciousness of the rooms, and the availability of parking.Guests have also appreciated the warm and professional staff, mentioning how their helpfulness contributed to the overall positive experience of their stay. Some drawbacks mentioned include some issues with room cleaning and a few suggestions for improvements on the breakfast variety. Despite these minor criticisms, guests generally agree that L'Ermitage Hotel offers excellent value for money and a comfortable stay in Tallinn.

Oru Hub Hotel Tallinn - Handwritten Collection is recognized for its modern and clean appearance. The staff consistently earns high marks for their friendly and accommodating service. One of the most appreciated amenities is the breakfast, noted for its great variety including healthy options, smoothies, juices, and even tasty cakes. The hotel's location is considered perfect for those who prefer a quieter setting, with the convenience of being able to walk to the old town through Kadrioru Park or choose the coastal Reidi tee promenade.Guests particularly mention the suite at the 4th floor as a perfect choice with its extra room and amenities such as two TVs, fridges, and air pumps. The hotel provides free parking, making it easy for guests to arrive and leave. While some noted the downside of being close to a busy road, the noise from cars was considered negligible during the night. Other features that contribute to the hotel's overall appeal include the co-working space, a welcome option for remote workers, and its vegan-friendly breakfast. There are a few suggestions for improvement, including the addition of an electric kettle in the rooms and minor adjustments with room features.

Nordic Hotel Forum is frequently described by guests as a top-notch hotel offering a perfect location, spacious rooms with great views, and a friendly staff. The hotel's spa, which also offers amazing views, receives praise as does the breakfast. A unique feature that sets it apart is the advanced contactless check-in and access controls, which guests find quite appealing.The hotel’s location, just outside the old town, provides convenient access to restaurants, bars, and shops. The stylish interiors and spacious, clean rooms are appreciated by guests, as are the friendly and helpful staff. There are additional amenities such as a gym and swimming pool located on the top floor. While the hotel is recognized for its overall value, some minor criticisms include a charge for renting a bathrobe and some issues with room features such as a lack of curtains on a secondary window and difficulty adjusting the room air conditioning. Despite these small drawbacks, the Nordic Hotel Forum remains a top option for guests visiting Tallinn.

Hotel Lembitu Tallinn receives high praise from guests for its prime location, delicious breakfast, clean and beautifully designed rooms, and an excellent spa facility. The pool, Japanese pool, cold pool, steam room, and sauna are highlighted by guests as standout amenities. A particular plus is the spaciousness of the rooms, some of which even come with a balcony.However, there are a few critiques. Some guests reported issues with the level of service for a "luxury" hotel, specifically with room preparation. Others mentioned missing wardrobe facilities and the absence of the spa on weekday mornings. Despite these minor drawbacks, many guests expressed their intent to return, appreciating the hotel's overall comfortable environment and strategic location.

Palace Hotel Tallinn, a member of Radisson Individuals is highly recommended by guests for its comfortable rooms, friendly staff, and commendable customer service. The hotel offers a small but diverse breakfast spread that guests appreciate. Another unique feature that enhances guests' stay is the complimentary late check-out, which proves handy for those with late flights.Despite its historic exterior, the hotel offers modern amenities including an indoor pool, sauna, Turkish bath, and Jacuzzi. Some minor concerns raised by guests include the small size of the breakfast and dining area, the taste of some food items, and a bit of traffic noise in certain rooms. However, these slight issues do not deter guests from recommending the hotel to others due to its excellent location, right next to the old town, and adjacent to the tram line, making it an ideal base for exploring Tallinn.

The best 3 star hotels in Tallinn

Citybox Tallinn City Center

ibis Tallinn Center

City Yard Inn Hotel

Hektor Container Hotel

Hotel St. Barbara

Citybox Tallinn City Center is praised for its excellent location, modern design, and comfortable rooms. A number of guests also appreciate its proximity to the old town, transport links, and affordable parking. Its self-check-in and check-out facilities are mentioned as very convenient, making it easy for travelers to arrive and leave at their own pace. A unique feature of this hotel is its on-site kitchen facilities, which guests find handy. However, some guests mentioned the lack of certain amenities in the room like toiletries and coffee machines. Additionally, a few guests were inconvenienced by an unexpected fire alarm during their stay. But overall, the majority of guests seem to have had a pleasant stay.

ibis Tallinn Center is frequently commended for its friendly staff, clean rooms, and delicious breakfast. A number of guests mentioned the availability of free coffee and tea in the lobby as a pleasant surprise. The hotel's location near the central bus station and its proximity to the city center also receive praise. The hotel seems to exceed expectations for its price range, offering high value to its guests. However, there were some disappointments regarding room allocation and the unavailability of vegan options for breakfast. Despite these minor issues, the hotel overall has a positive review.

City Yard Inn Hotel stands out with its superb room condition, well-equipped kitchen, comfortable beds, and prime location. Despite being centrally located, the hotel provides a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. On the flip side, some guests have mentioned slow internet and a lack of English TV channels. A small kitchenette is available in every room which is perfect for those who prefer preparing their own meals. The self-check-in procedure is easy with clear instructions and the staff is friendly. There were some concerns about the room temperature during the night and lack of differentiation between shower gel and shampoo dispensers.

The Hektor Container Hotel offers a unique and modern experience, with super dog-friendly staff and the advantage of no human interaction necessary for check-in and check-out. The rooms are larger than expected and cozy, providing a different take on the usual hotel experience. Located in a hip area with food trucks and bars, it's not far from the Telliskivi Creative City. Some guests found the 10-minute limit on hot water supply a little inconvenient and a few found the code system for entering rooms slightly annoying. However, the overall opinion is positive, considering the modernity, comfort, and unique setting of the hotel.

Hotel St. Barbara is highly praised for its exceptional staff, immaculate rooms, excellent breakfast, and unbeatable location. This hotel's location, right across from Freedom Square, makes it a perfect choice for those wanting to explore the city. Despite its central location, the hotel is situated in a quiet area offering tranquility after a busy day of sightseeing. The rooms are of good size, clean, and the hotel provides parking on-site without any additional charge. However, some guests felt that the hotel could improve its cleanliness and modernize the bathrooms. But the overall experience is positive, marked by a friendly staff, excellent service, and a cozy historical setting.

The best budget hotels in Tallinn

City Hotel Tallinn by Unique Hotels

Lilleküla Hotel

The City Hotel Tallinn by Unique Hotels is lauded for its cleanliness, good location, and value for money. Situated closely to the old town, it's easy for guests to explore and reach popular destinations on foot. The rooms are spacious enough even for families, with good-sized toilets and the availability of quiet rooms with opening windows. While the hotel might appear a bit odd with check-ins at a next-door hotel, this doesn't seem to be an issue for guests. However, the lack of information regarding spa and sauna reservations was noted.The hotel's affordability doesn't detract from its offering, with amenities including a TV and a comfortable bed. Its central location, close to the city center and in a quiet area, make it a preferred choice for travelers. Easy check-in and nearby parking add to the convenience. Guests also mentioned a bit of traffic noise and a somewhat late check-in at 3 p.m. The rooms might feel a bit dated, and some guests mentioned the mattress felt a bit old, but overall, it's hard to fault given the price point. The excellent location, cleanliness, and friendly staff make it a place guests would recommend and choose to stay again.

The Alexi Villa has earned its popularity for being a beautiful old house situated in a lovely area of Tallinn, noted for its peace and quiet. A warm, friendly staff, cozy rooms, and pretty easy access by car are among the perks of this property. Guests have appreciated the reasonable pricing, good breakfast, and especially its clean and modest rooms. Some highlights of the reviews include the availability of a desk for studying, free parking on the street, and good bus connection to the city center.However, it's not without its minor issues. Some guests found the bed could be more comfortable and the facilities a bit outdated, although still clean. There were complaints about unstable WiFi and the absence of a fridge. Moreover, one negative review noted a language-related problem. Aside from this, guests found the rooms spacious and enjoyed the green surroundings, almost as if living in a park. The place is generally considered to be clean, cozy, and quiet, making it a good place to stay.

Lilleküla Hotel is a clean hotel located in a peaceful part of Tallinn, within walkable distance from amenities. Despite being in a quieter neighborhood, the location boasts a big mall and several small shops nearby. The hotel itself offers clean rooms and overall premises, free safe car parking, good WiFi, and a multilingual staff. Some guests found it to be an excellent choice for a short overnight stay, highlighting its good value for money.However, some challenges were reported. Some guests complained about dirty shower areas with mold issues, lack of breakfast options, and outdated facilities in need of renovation. Room temperature during winter was also a concern for some, especially for families with children. Another issue raised was the shortage of power sockets and minor cleanliness issues. Despite these drawbacks, the hotel's good price, proximity to public transport, and good location are still appealing to many guests.

Center Hotel is an affordable option for guests who appreciate clean, modern rooms in the city center. Its location makes it a great base for exploring, with good proximity to the old town, ferry terminal, and bus station. The rooms, although described as a bit stuffy, offer decent comfort, and the shared bathrooms are cleaned daily. The staff is recognized as friendly and welcoming, and the breakfast is a hit among many guests.On the downside, some guests have pointed out a limited breakfast choice and lackluster housekeeping. The inability to open windows and loud ventilation system was also mentioned. Some noise issues were reported due to thin doors and noisy people in the corridor. Despite these challenges, many guests commend the hotel for its good location, 24-hour front door service, and clean basic rooms. The hotel's reasonable pricing and its excellent location make it a go-to option for guests looking for value and convenience.

The best hostels in Tallinn

Capsule Hostels Tallinn

16eur - Fat Margaret's

Draper Startup House Tallinn

Old Town Alur Hostel & Bar

Capsule Hostels Tallinn offers a unique experience with its capsule-style accommodations, being appreciated by adult solo travelers for the privacy and quiet it provides. The rooms are clean, and the automated system ensures convenience. It's a short 25-minute walk or public transport ride to the town center, with a nearby pancake cafe praised for its breakfasts. However, some guests mentioned a lack of air conditioning control in the capsules leading to discomfort and a worn-out mattress. Issues such as a malfunctioning time and temperature screen and the lack of human touch for service also surfaced. Nonetheless, most reviews indicate a satisfying experience with the unique concept and efficient facilities.

16eur - Fat Margaret's hostel is commended for its perfect location, situated close to the old town and a walking distance from the ferry port. The hostel's spacious rooms, free sauna, and pool before 11 pm are some features that guests appreciated. It also offers a well-equipped kitchen and luggage storage options. Despite the occasional noise during the weekends and the unavailability of breakfast, the hostel maintains a balance between price and value. Some guests found issues with cleanliness in the bathrooms and limited Wi-Fi access, but the overall experience, especially the sauna and pool, proves to be value for money.

Draper Startup House Tallinn is strategically located in Tallinn Old Town, well-regarded for its location, value, and the staff's friendliness. This hostel, popular among travelers, offers comfortable beds, a large lounge area, and a pleasant outdoor garden. The free use of washing machines and the availability of a drying rack is a bonus. However, some guests faced issues with Wi-Fi coverage and lack of cleanliness in the bathrooms. The check-in process also caused some inconvenience for a few guests. Despite these minor hiccups, the hostel's competitive pricing, excellent location, and cozy atmosphere make it a preferred choice for many.

The Neotel is a basic and simple hostel, perfect for travelers looking for a clean and convenient place to sleep and store their belongings. The hostel, with only ten units, is often described as peaceful and uncrowded, maintaining high standards of cleanliness. Many guests complimented the seamless contactless check-in process, facilitated by a code provided upon booking. The hostel's location, within walking distance of the ferry terminal and a 20-minute walk from the old town, is appreciated by guests.

Guests also laud the modern, clean rooms, and the option of storing belongings in lockers post-checkout. While the hostel is not staffed, the rooms are private and bathrooms are shared. The hostel has a spacious, well-equipped kitchen, a large television, and a variety of other amenities. However, some guests have noted the absence of fresh air in rooms due to non-opening windows, soundproofing issues, and occasionally inadequate bathroom amenities. Despite these minor hiccups, Neotel remains a recommended option for its convenience and cleanliness.

The Old Town Alur Hostel & Bar is praised by repeat visitors for its affordability, cleanliness, and charming dorm rooms. This hostel is known for its friendly environment and its location at the heart of the city. Guests can take advantage of a bar onsite, turning the hostel into a lively social spot. The hostel staff is praised for their assistance and the large lockers provided can accommodate a wide range of personal belongings.

However, there are a few shortcomings that prospective guests should be aware of. Some visitors have noted a lack of recent investment in the facility, leading to a few functional issues. Also, the lockers lack lockability, and the old building sometimes allows wind in through holes in the windows and doors. The beds lack individual lights, secure pockets for personal belongings, and curtains. Despite these inconveniences, the Old Town Alur Hostel & Bar continues to be popular for its fantastic location, friendly atmosphere, and the cultural experience offered by its historic building.

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