International Africa Festival in Würzburg 2025

The event starts at

29 May 2025


The event ends at

1 June 2025


International Africa Festival in Würzburg

The Africa Festival exists since 1989 and is the largest and oldest festival for African music and culture in Europe.

Over 7,500 musicians and artists from 56 countries in Africa and the Caribbean have performed in Würzburg so far and have shown the cultural richness of the African continent to more than 2,575,000 visitors.

A truly unique experience awaits you! At the bazaar you can find African music instruments*, arts and crafts - the bazaar alone is worth a visit.

The trust foundation Africa Festival Würzburg was founded in October 2014. The foundation bears the name "Foundation Africa Festival Würzburg". It is a non-profit, unincorporated foundation under the self-administration of Afro Project eV.

The foundation pursues the following purposes:

  • Support of social, cultural and charitable projects and institutions in Africa, especially in the field
  • Preventive health care
  • Helping people to help themselves
  • The establishment, maintenance and promotion of new and existing cultural institutions and events in Africa and promoting African artists and musicians;
  • Support for African art, culture and artists in or from countries outside the African continent to which Africans were abducted as slaves and whose art and culture still has African roots today
  • Support of the Afro Projects eV in cultural, social and informative projects in connection with the Africa Festivals
  • Support of the Africa Festival Würzburg in the case of economic emergencies caused by natural events or other events by the Afro Project eV association as the organizer of the Africa Festival in Würzburg.


Würzburg is a city in the traditional region of Franconia in the north of the German state of Bavaria.

Würzburg is about 120 kilometres from Frankfurt am Main, to west and Nuremberg (Nürnberg), to east.

Würzburg spans the banks of the river Main in the region of Lower Franconia in the north of the state of Bavaria, Germany. The heart of the town is on the locally eastern (right) bank. The town is enclosed by the Landkreis Würzburg, but is not a part of it.

The centre of Würzburg is surrounded by hills. To the west lies the 266 metre Marienberg and the Nikolausberg (359 m) to the south of it. The Main flows through Würzburg from the south-east to the north-west.

Due to its central position Würzburg is an important traffic hub. Here is the interchange of Autobahn highways A3 (Cologne – Frankfurt – Würzburg – Nuremberg) and A7 (Hamburg – Hanover – Kassel – Würzburg – Ulm) as well as the start of A81 (Würzburg – Heilbronn – Stuttgart).

The city's main station is a central hub for long-distance and regional services. Würzburg lies at the southern end of the Hanover-Würzburg high-speed rail line and offers with InterCityExpress and InterCity frequent connections to cities such as Cologne, Frankfurt, Hanover, Hamburg, Munich, Nuremberg and Vienna. In addition to main station there are the two regional stations Würzburg-South and Würzburg Zell.

The Main river flows into the Rhine and is connected to the Danube via the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal. This makes it part of a trans-European waterway connecting the North Sea to the Black Sea.

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