Wine Parade in Würzburg

Wine Parade in Würzburg

Thanks to an exclusive merger of the local wineries, the Würzburg market square is transformed into heaven for wine lovers in late summer.

The idea of ​​a wine village was born in order to serve exclusive wines from the city's wineries.

The Wine Parade thus unites the Würzburg wineries and shows how much pleasure there is in the city on the Main. Wine brands The Bürgerspital Würzburg, the Staatliche Hofkeller Würzburg, the Weingut Juliusspital, the Weingut Reiss, the Winzervereinigung Heidingsfeld, the Weingut A. Fesel and the Sektkellerei Oppmann will be there.

The Wine Parade has already had a great start since its inception. Initially, the festival was still at the cathedral but then moved to the market square in 2008. The atmosphere was thus preserved, because the wine parade still uses a historic and beautiful spot in the heart of Würzburg.

Wine parade: Here there is not only “pint”, but also a sample size
The wineries even serve ice wine in the summer and - unlike at many other wine festivals - there are not only “bottles” (1/4 liter), but also smaller units so that you can try your way through more wines.

In addition to the wineries themselves, Würzburg restaurateurs also form a unit to provide the wine parade visitors with all kinds of delicacies. From roasts to burgers, the Büttnerstuben, the Greifensteiner Hof, the Juliusspital Weinstuben, the Würzburger Ratskeller and the Schömig butcher are responsible for culinary delicacies.

Each of these hosts represents one or two wineries and serves a wide range of types of wine with his meal. If you don't have an appetite, you can of course get the wine without a savory or sweet side dish.

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