Free Earth Festival in Halkidiki

Free Earth Festival in Halkidiki

We are very happy to welcome you to this unique location where mountains & the crystal clear waters and beach blending together in a symphony of green and blue!

A blend of powerful Journey sets! Dedicated to our legendary Sola Luna Festival 2001! Top notch international artists together with the amazing TAS Visuals will offer you an intense journey to many worlds simultaneously! Back to the future, returning to our roots, re-introducing long sets at big stages, with the aim to create the journey experience!

A special Journey Celebration! We will be hosting the Official 20th Anniversary Parvati Records Stage! A label that shaped the genre of Psy Trance, the last two decades and led our music scene towards a very creative musical path.

Every year one of our callings is to meet each other and to celebrate exactly that, with dance, art, music, ecology, and love! We should help each other grow and bloom on this planet. Together we create a new era, a new way of life. The free earth vision, needs the tribe connected, strong, healthy, with an open heart and full awareness.

Halkidiki - Sithonia

Halkidiki - Sithonia

Expect turquoise waters with white and gold coloured sand!
Azapiko is located between Neos Marmaras & Toroni.

This is the time for the great personal and Collective ritual, to create a pulse of blissful psychedelic trance energy, the seed that sprouted the Dream of a Free Eart.

Free Earth Festival offers the best setting for a truly transformational experience on an amazing Beach with Crystal Clear Sea!

Azapiko is a magnificent beach in Sithonia’s so-called Wild West. It’s preferred by travellers who enjoy nature and tranquillity and Its small green hill splits the beach into two parts.

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